by Faye

“Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened”. What do you want for your life? Ask for it. The hardest part, for most people, is knowing what they want, knowing what they need, knowing what would be best for them.

There is a process in the partnership with God where the Divine mind thinks through you, the Higher Self sitting at the throne of God, thinks through you. There comes a time when you have this wise higher mind, and all its extra resources at your disposal, in your daily life, there, and helping as you make every decision. Believe me, it is comforting, and reassuring, and far less stressful. You begin to trust your decisions, and give them the space they need to take, and grow, without the negative atmosphere of most of your doubts, and worries. This is, coming into your own, claiming what you always had available, but never utilized. This is wonderful! Indeed, if wonder has not yet come back into your life with your growing relationship with God, it will here.

Yes, this does take effort on your part. Doesn’t every relationship? I assure you, the effort seems like nothing when you look back from the other end of the process.

That’s what these are - processes. Once you get the process, down pat, you can use it over, and over again, in other areas of your life, to bring about growth, and change. The process always stays the same; God always stays the same in His motion.

Ask God to help you transform your mind; ask Her to help you think with a god-mind.

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