Interview on EFT (Tapping)
with Danny Green

by Faye Sanderson

We are meeting with Danny Green, today, an EFT Practitioner who has practiced for six years and has therapy rooms in Gateshead and Whickham, UK. Hello Danny.


Hello Danny.

Hello Faye, it's wonderful to be invited to give this interview and I'm delighted to be here!

Danny, can you start by giving us a definition of EFT for our readers who may not be familiar with it?

First of all, EFT is an energy based therapy and stands for, "Emotional Freedom Technique" or "Tapping" as it's also known. Simply put, you focus on a healing issue that you may have and then lightly tap on key energy points around the body whilst repeating 'tailored' affirmations. These energy points are also referred to as "Meridians". Basically, over time our emotions can get 'stuck' in our energy field and by tapping we can then release them and a healing can then ensue. The key for success is to aim at the issue at hand, being as specific as possible with the phrases and affirmations used.


And for what kind of conditions do practitioners find EFT beneficial in treating?

In all honesty, EFT can be used on pretty much any emotional or physical discomfort within the body. The two are very much linked anyway. Whenever a client presents themselves to me, whether they have chronic pain from Arthritis or Fibromyalgia for example, I'll focus on the emotions surrounding the condition and once these are addressed, it's often incredible how much the pain drastically lowers in intensity.

It's not uncommon to have a client present with a pain level of "ten", being the maximum and leaving with it on a "zero" level. You see we often store or bury our emotional traumas in the body and if it's not released or healed, over time it'll keep showing up as physical pain. It's then our job as a Practitioner to literally tap out these emotions from the Meridians and the results are often astonishing!

If you want me to give examples of the conditions I've been working with lately, then those would be: Fibromyalgia - I've spent three sessions with a Lady who was housebound and in chronic pain on a daily basis and she managed to leave the house for a few hours the other day, as her pain was in remission. I've also worked with several clients whom have presented with Anxiety attacks and Phobias; EFT can be effective at bringing anxiety levels right down and then 'cleaning up' the traumatic memories that they keep projecting into the future and causing this 'fight or flight' response, which is simply the sub conscious mind trying to keep that individual safe, however, this process is no longer serving them and EFT can be used to disrupt the way in which the mind beautifully creates these powerful and debilitating attacks.

I've also witnessed EFT be effective for depression, anger and grief too. Like I say though, the list simply goes on...

How did you get into EFT?

Having studied and developed Mediumship, Spiritual Healing and Reiki, I repeatedly came across EFT - friends were talking about it and I was constantly reminded to check it out. I knew on some level that it was for me, but still I kept procrastinating. Finally I was sent a DVD from a friend and then decided to watch it. It was a feature length, documentary, following the lives of people who were suffering, either emotional or physical trauma. All of their lives were touched by EFT and in each case, a huge transformation and subsequent healing was the result! I was fascinated and inspired to learn how to use this method. It became apparent to me that you can learn how to use it in five minutes but it's evolving all of the time and you can use it in your life daily if need be. I had a slight healing issue of my own at that time (rather personal) and I used EFT on it and it cured my situation within minutes. I was stunned and hooked in equal proportions. This was in 2007 and I've been using it ever since.

Wow, that's amazing!


Can you tell us who developed EFT, Danny?

An American gentleman by the name of Gary Craig first pioneered and developed EFT in the early 90's, when he discovered that you can have Acupuncture but without the use of needles. He devised a system where you simply would tap on the energy lines instead of placing needles, and also focus on the unresolved emotional issues too. Whilst Acupuncture is effective at bringing the energy body back into balance, without addressing the associated emotions, the ailment will often flare up again, weeks or months down the line. If EFT is used properly, then the disease or condition can be eradicated permanently. Today we have different versions of the original EFT modality, as others have developed and evolved a ground breaking system. I tend to use a combination of three or four of these different versions in my work and to great effect.

So, because EFT is a fairly recent healing method, practitioners are sharing and learning and developing the process even more?

And do you see them specializing in specific areas?

That is a good question, Faye and my take on this is dependent on the practitioner's background; many existing therapists, such as Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists are now training in EFT to enhance their abilities. If the aforementioned practitioners previously specialised in certain areas, then this is likely still to be the case. However, it's also worth noting that  whilst the presenting issue maybe Fibromyalgia, for example, the underlying causes could be anything from child abuse to stored anger and self criticism. And it's this diversity that can make it more difficult to specialise, unless you refer once the issues are established.

I tend to use the "Faster EFT" model (pioneered and developed by the amazing, Robert Smith) and this means that I don't even have to know the details of the trauma, the client does all of the work, with some guidance and compassion from myself. I simply ask the recipient to rate their discomfort or emotional pain on a scale of zero to ten and then notice how they're feeling it in their body , any images they might see or whether this is all being viewed in the third person or actually in their own body etc. Once this is established, we can then perform various tapping rounds until we clear it.


Nick Ortner, in the States is working with people, right now to deal with financial and career issues which are probably connected to family patterns and cultural beliefs passed down from generations past.

There are also people struggling with conditions of obesity and other addictions. Is Tapping effective for these as well?

 I have a great respect for Nick Ortner and he's charismatic and deeply committed to his work. I do believe that Nick is highly skilled at what he does and capable of transforming peoples' lives in this way.  EFT, if used correctly and truly aimed at the unresolved emotional issues, then it can be highly effective on the above issues and more besides. I guess the key to all of this is knowing your limitations as a practitioner. In the UK, we have a vulnerable person's bill which states that if you're working with people of this nature, then you need to be vetted by the police and be able to display the necessary skills to help. Whilst I might feel I could help an alcoholic, I'd leave that for an expert in the field. 

The other issue is those therapists who offer Universal tapping scripts to target specific issues. An example of this could be a program on, 'how to become extremely wealthy'. You could tap for the next ten years using these generic scripts without seeing any results! Gary Craig, the founder of EFT states that in this instance, you may as well be tapping on a wall. Plus, even if the recipient did receive a comprehensive clearing, growth doesn't usually manifest as a quantum leap, but rather a slow, deliberate process. This would also be directly proportionate to their current level of awareness.

When you are having a session with a client you are teaching them the process for their particular issue and providing statements relevant to it.

Are different meridian points used for different issues?

When I work with a client, I love to empower them, Faye! I explain what we're doing and why we're doing it. This enables them to take charge of their own healing journey beyond our session(s). I work to the same basic structure:

  • identify the healing issues,
  • focus on the current emotions that arise and then clear them, enabling us to look beneath the surface and discover the root cause (usually stemming from childhood)
  • and finally to take out the structure.
  • I then poke around to see if there are any further statements I can make to get a further rise out of them so to speak.

I like to get the original trauma to hold the same emotional charge as if they are describing going to the shops to buy a bar of chocolate.

Certain meridians are linked to various organs in the body, for example, the eyebrow point is connected to the bladder and can aid releasing trauma, hurt, frustration and sadness. The collar bone point is linked in with the kidney meridian and aids the clearing of feeling stuck, indecision and worry. Throughout a typical EFT session, we use most of the meridians anyway.


And do you give people Homework, to take home with them?

If the issue in question hasn't fully cleared, I shall offer a client a "tapping script" to use at home, but I tailor it to suit their needs. Or if I've been working with somebody with panic attacks, I shall give them a maintenance script to help manage any anxiety that may surface until our next session.

On the average, Danny, how many visits does it take to see results?

Usually, Faye, results are experienced from the very first session. The first tapping round invariably calms the client right down and subsequent ones lower the physical and/or emotional pain further. Some issues are cleaned up with a single consultation and others can take up to six or even more. I guess if you look at the average though, it would be two or three.


Is there anything that EFT doesn't work for? And does it work for most people?

It can't necessarily claim to cure cancer, although it has the potential to do so. I guess the key ingredients in all of this are the skill of the practitioner and the readiness of the client to truly let go of the emotions in hand. If these two are in evidence, then miracles can and do happen. I've had the pleasure of helping many souls, some of whom have cleared chronic pain from their bodies and others have resolved many years of feeling stuck or trapped in their lives, only to have moved forward in remarkable ways over the next few months. This could be starting up a business of their dreams or removing themselves from an abusive relationship and meeting a person with implicit compatibility.

I also encounter people who don't resonate or believe in EFT and either don't give it any chance or quit after five minutes of tapping. This has caused me frustration over the years, but has been a lesson in itself for me. I now respect everybody and their wishes. In these instances, I can offer Reiki or Spiritual healing as an alternative...

This is, no doubt, is a good attitude for a practitioner to have,  as we all, must ultimately decide when we are ready for changes. I would suspect that those who have genuinely made the decision to work on certain changes in their lives are also the most open clients, as they are motivated to stick with the process.

Yes, Faye, it's often down to whether a person is truly ready to let go of the emotions or issues at hand. We can often get some kind of trade off by being ill or place part of our identity into certain issues. This can even be at a subconscious level and there's truly no judgement in my statements either. To offer a scenario of this: if a person has lived with chronic pain for thirty years, it may have had a big impact on the family dynamic - a partner may have had to do all of the shopping and chores around the house. Perhaps the person hasn't been able to work in decades and the concept of suddenly gaining total relief may hold profound fear.

On the conscious level the person wishes to heal, but at a subconscious level the desire is to remain in a state of debilitation, because it's all that person may know and it's the mind's way of keeping them 'safe'.

There can also be Karmic blocks in evidence or I've also experienced it where a client just wasn't making any real progress after six sessions, but it later transpired that they were being blocked in order to devise a whole new healing modality of their own. A simple clearing would've only hampered this coming about. If that makes sense? They needed to learn more from the pain and it took them to new experiences, culminating in a pioneering role of their own.

That's interesting, Danny, how EFT can help some with their life's purpose.

I'm also curious to know how your skills as a medium and in Reiki come in handy in a  Tapping session.

Do they help you with reading the client's energy, etc. to know if your statements are working?

I have a Spirit Guide who works closely with me during an EFT session, this is invaluable on so many levels; if I reach a plateau with a client, I'll tune in for a moment and ask for guidance on what I may have missed or for a new direction or tapping round to implement. Other times I've suddenly been confronted with a dear client who had been abused as a child, whilst on the outside I remained confident, inside I was freaking out, because at that time I'd never helped anybody in this manner before. My Guide soon entered my thoughts and gave me a way to proceed which allowed us both tact, compassion and grace.

The end result was a much needed clearing/healing for the dear soul in front of me. I also hear myself using affirmations that I know haven't come from me, whilst we are clearing an issue. This is also the influence of my trusty, etheric companion. When I work with somebody over the telephone, my Guide's input is particularly useful because I can't always judge/read their reactions and subtle body language, in the same way I do in person. He can often fill in the blanks for me.

Is EFT permanent? Does it resolve the issue once and for all?

If the issue has been cleaned up properly, then it shall be permanent. When the pain or emotions reoccur, it simply means that there are more levels to identify and clear. It's worth pointing out that EFT is a life skill and a tool that I still use most days of my life. If I get angry or frustrated etc. I shall tap on that as and when it appears. The journey of self awareness and subsequent wholeness is ongoing and for most, a lifetime of work. The rewards and lightness of spirit are massive though!

So, clients who have learned the process can go on in their lives to use it when issues surface and maybe even apply it to other issues. That's great! And it is true that life continues to "happen"; otherwise we wouldn't be here.


I know that there are books and DVDs that people can use to learn EFT. So, some could get benefit from doing Tapping on their own. And you have illustrated some benefits why we would choose to go to a practitioner instead.

Are there any other benefits to working with a practitioner that you may not have mentioned yet, Danny?

That's another good question, Faye, we are all unique and special and as such, learn in different ways. I am self-taught in the EFT therapy and combine four different "flavours", along with NLP ( neuro-linguistic programming), and occasionally a healing meditation or two. This has been a labour of love over the past seven years. I know that others prefer to have a physical teacher, or perhaps a combination of the two.

You can go onto Youtube and there's a wonderful guy from the States called, Brad Yates who has over four hundred (and counting) EFT videos on every conceivable issue you can think of! Whilst these are more of the Universal style of tapping script, you still might receive a clearing of some sort, even if it's as little as 10 to 20%. I'm not criticising this amazing guy because if you were to book in with him for a one-on-one session, then he could focus on you as an individual, and then the clearing potential would go up to - hopefully - 100%.

This can be the obvious benefit of working with a practitioner because sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees on your own issues. A good therapist will ask searching and provocative questions, but in a loving, non judgmental and compassionate way.

Well, I know we can all relate to experiences where we haven't been able to see the wood for the trees and that more objective feedback from a  friend has helped. So that makes sense. And we can all use someone who helps us feel safe going through change, which this process is bringing.

Danny, some of our visitors will be interested to know that you have a promotion running right now, for the month of November for 20% off a visit. I'm wondering if we can talk you into extending that for any people in your area who are reading this interview?

If there are visitors, out there who have liked the information you've given here, Danny, and said to themselves, "I think I'd like to work with that guy."...

How about this? If our readers call or contact you to book an appointment before December 31, 2013, and give you the special password - "spirit place" - will you honour this 20% off

I would be delighted to honour the 20% discount for your readers up till the end of the year, Faye.

Great! Thank you for doing that for us, Danny.

Here is the information you need folks:


Danny Greene

Danny's website:

Telephone: 07846 792046

Develop Your Soul Powers on Facebook:

Great, we've taken care of some of our visitors in the UK, now what can we do for the rest?

Is there a directory or organization that people can go to online to find EFT practitioners in their area, Danny?

I'd like to recommend a website from the founder of "Faster EFT" by a gentleman named, Robert Smith. I mainly use his model with clients, but I do find I sometimes have to revert back to original EFT during plateaus for a thorough clearing.

His address is: on this you shall find a list of practitioners, trained by him around the world, you simply type in your location and it brings up a list of candidates. This guy's work is at the cutting edge of what's out there today, in my opinion and experience.

Thank you for that, Danny.


Okay, now here's something for you visitors to do if you are really interested in trying out this EFT...

Contact a practitioner in your area, show them this interview and ask them if they will honour the 20% off for your first visit.


Good... now that we've covered everyone...

I'd like to thank you, Danny for doing this interview with me here at My Spiritual, to inform our visitors about EFT. And we wish you continued success with your practice.

It's truly been my pleasure, Faye! I l've loved being a part of this and thoroughly endorse your own work - educating, empowering and raising awareness is priceless in raising the vibration of this magnificent planet we inhabit! Maybe I could interview you one day?

 Sure, Danny. That would be interesting!

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Thank you.

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