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Angel Card Readings

I have been doing Tarot and Rune readings for thirty years, mainly for my own self-growth, but also for friends and family.

I recently took the Certified Angel Card Reader Course offered through Hay House with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, and am pleased to offer these two free reading options to the visitors here.

Receive a 4-card Angel Reading

for a gift of $10 CAD or more.

Receive a 2-card Angel Reading

for a gift of $5 CAD or more.

These readings are given for Entertainment purposes only.

Must be 18 years of age.

General Donation

I frequent the site and wish to

make a donation.

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Faye Sanderson

Larger Readings

I'm doing readings, right now, because I can use the money. So if you've been thinking of one, I could use the business.

I usually charge $30 Cn for a Celtic Spread or Multi-card spread.

And I can do a Life Purpose or Past Life Reading for $20 Cn.

You can use the General Donation option on this page...

"Wow! Faye you are a wonderful reader and I love your wording too. I am learning a lot from you. Cannot wait to see your website. Thanks for the great reading. You are awesome"

- Annie, USA, Fellow CACR student