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The premise of this site is come and look and share; take what resonates for you and leave the rest. (It resonates for someone else.)

I want this page to be a place where you can come and try exercises that help you learn more about yourself spiritually.

There are certain exercises or practices that I have encountered through my life that have had an impact on me.

Some of them I use regularly and some I pull out when I’m going through stressful times in life.

I invite you to contribute any exercises and practices that you have found helpful and would like to rave about…

Things that give you solace and help you through the day…

Other than a tub of ice cream!

The first exercise I am posting is one that jumped out at me when I read The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes by Deepak Chopra.

Here’s the first exercise in Deepak Chopra’s words…

Experience Your Light Body

  • “Quiet your mind by observing your breath for a few minutes.
  • Now focus your attention in your body and feel all the sensations as they arise and subside.
  • Slowly introduce the idea that your body is becoming lighter and more subtle. Instead of a material body, it is becoming a body of light.”
  • Keep you awareness all the while in the body with your eyes closed and now visualize it as that body of pure light with the same shape as your material body.
  • Every time you close your eyes for any reason, experience your light body.
  • Soon you will find your material body actually becoming less heavy, more flexible, and more energized.”

I was able to do this immediately. Let me know how it went for you.

I got the thought that - of course I can do it easily - because in this exercise we immediately remember what it feels like to be in a spiritual body, a body of light.

We remember because we are all spiritual beings first, and have been for eons.

I got very excited about this, and a light went on. Oprah would say I was having an “Aha!” experience.

The insight was that Deepak Chopra and other teachers are here now to give us the tools we need to evolve in this part of human history.

In this part of human development we are ripe for rapid acceleration in the area of spiritual advancement.

The heavens are opening to us; the veil is becoming thinner; we are poised, according to Sylvia Browne, to begin seeing and experiencing more of The Other Side here on Earth.

And this exercise feels like a step we can all take, to not only advance, but to understand that we are already there.

There was another light that went off, here for me. It was this – Deepak says that soon our bodies will begin to feel less heavy, more flexible and more energized.

I had the insight that this exercise would help me when it comes to weight loss.

I suspect that everyone who retains weight is holding something in – and this exercise felt so freeing, so expanding.

I was allowing all the space between the electrons, protons and neutrons of my cells to be infused with the energy of light. I accepted this light as pure and loving – I trusted this light to be there, and, in so doing, I let go of all I was holding in, holding on to.

I opened up like a lotus and felt fully protected by this good, strong, pure light.

I think I may have put my body into the hands of my higher self, into the hands of God, for the first time in a long while, maybe for the first time since leaving the womb.

Time will tell…

I’ve included this exercise below under Experience Your Light Body if you’d like to comment on how it worked for you.

I look forward to your comments.

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