Does Fluoride in Water Dull the Third Eye?

by Faye

I was Listening to Doreen Virtue on Hay House Radio and she was talking about how fluoride in the water blocks off the third eye.

I know people are up in arms because they have fluoride in their water supply and it has been turning people docile for years. (Conspirators say this was all intentional government planning.) But I hadn't realized that it hardens or blocks our third eye.

She had a solution for this for those who are up to using it. She has also written a book on Mother Mary which covers her ability and historic presence of blessing water and turning springs all over the world into healing places. She covers the story of Mary appearing to the fourteen year-old girl at Lourdes and impressing her to dig and dig, until the spring at Lourdes appeared.

So, her solution is to ask Mother Mary to bless all the water that you drink. She is willing to do this for you.

This will work until those working for governments to remove fluoride, manage to affect changes.

What do you all think of this? Have you heard about it? Is it affecting you, in your area of the world?

What do you think about this? Does it block the third eye? My intuition says, "Yes."

If you tell people about this, please pass on the solution, as well.

I'm interested in hearing your comments on this.

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