Spiritual Art

Art, by it's very nature, calls on and engages our emotions. And Spiritual and Inspirational art are playing a big roll in reminding us of the wonder of human existence upon this truly miraculous planet.

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Finding a piece of art that moves you can be like savouring a really cool glass of clear, sparkling water on a hot, hot day.

What is the urge that causes one human being to create, to express? And for another to view or interact with that creation and be moved by it?

It's about sharing; it's about connection. I believe it's a fleeting glimpse, a reminder, of how we all relate in our own true Home on the Other Side -  unfettered by the hindrance of the ego.

Here are some links to Spiritual Art and Artists which I hope you find inspiring...



Depth of Light - The Visionary Art of Mykal Aubry - Youtube Video

A presentation of Mykal Aubry's mind and heart expanding paintings. You are invited to dive into the visions, the sounds, the words....and to remember the Essence of You.

This didn't "speak" to me but it might appeal to some of you. Beautiful paintings.

Here you can see his artwork. It makes more sense when you can view the whole painting.

Meinrad Craighead - Youtube Video

This is a rough cut preview of a documentary in production about Meinrad Craighead, an artist in New Mexico.

Akiane Kramarik - Child Prodigy (Visionary & Spiritual Artist)

Akiane Painting "Wonder" time lapse

It's really amazing to watch this girl paint. You can view her paintings at her website.

Marquita's Art Journal #12: Spiritual Album

Living. Loving. Art.

Marquita puts regular submissions on You Tube called Marquita's Art Journal where she actually paints a project. She does fun projects like painting her son's room and more serious pieces that cover modern black culture and beautiful Christian art from a black perspective. Her website.

Marquita - Painting her Son's Room


Spiritual Art: In Spheres of Divine Light - Freydoon Rassouli - Youtube Video

Artist's Video displaying his works.

Freydoon Rassouli, born on November 18, 1943 in Iran, is a visionary artist who has a unique way of reflecting spiritual experience by expressing images from his subconscious onto canvas. He often stimulates creativity by meditating at dawn watching the sunrise in a natural setting, or by envisioning a mystical journey through a night sky. His style does not focus on what is literally seen by the artist, but by surrendering conceptually to what is felt on a deeper level.

You can see more of his work here.

Alma Rumball

Alma’s family pioneered in Muskoka Ontario, Canada in the 1870s, where she lived most of her life. Following a vision of Jesus, she became a clairvoyant recluse, at age 50, creating prolific, intricate, colored pen and ink drawings, born of a rich inner life. She watched, as The Hand drew by itself, unfamiliar forms, faces, characters, separate from her consciousness. Tibetan gods, Joan of Arc figures and tales of Atlantis revealed themselves.

photo: From her website

More Art Links


Spiritual Artists from Spirit Card Center.com

Talented  artists in many spiritual genres.  See their artwork.

Spiritual Art

If you want an overview of spiritual art images that is on the Web this is a beautiful page to visit.

Intuitive Art

Have you heard about intuitive art? Here are some examples.

Religious Art

This page contains links  to Google image pages for Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Bushman, Canadian Aboriginal, Maori, Native American, Pagan and Tibetan Mandala spiritual art.


Crop Circles

I think, if you can look beyond the questions of "Why they appear" you can connect to the artistic beauty of crop circles. What do you think?

Want to Try Some Intuitive Art?

Has all this viewing of art got you wondering how you can express yourself and get in on the fun of experiencing?


Spirit Drawings

Coming soon.


Soul Portraits

Coming soon.

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