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We all have those days when one thing after another goes wrong and we find that on those days, it’s all we can do to just get through them.

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What comfort and encouragement to you have for others who are going through...

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  • Loss of a loved one?
  • Self-esteem issues?
  • Arguments with their parents?
  • Unemployment?
  • A crappy job?
  • Money difficulties?
  • Loneliness?
  • A workweek that seems unending?
  • A tough day?
  • Feeling unloved or unappreciated?

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I’ll start it off…


By Faye Sanderson

Do you know I love you, sometimes in a way that threatens to split this earthly body with its intensity?

Yet I am only a human being like you, and, at times, I don’t know where this great love of the human race comes from.

It must surely come from God, and from what I know, at some level, about where humankind is going, and of the great potential I see that we have.

For I travel the same streets as you do, and serve the same customers, and what I see is a humanity who is very good at hiding their greatness, especially from themselves.

This has got to stop.

You can have this love for humanity also, and with it comes the same quality of love for yourself.

This is, indeed, unconditional love.

And this allows me to constantly hope for the human race, and for myself, to love humanity where we are, now.

This love is largely coming from my Soul.

My Higher Self has a wonderful way of speaking to each human soul in a voice he/she can understand.

It is my Soul that has learned the lessons of Jesus, the lessons that he has given us of God. It is that part of me that always resides with God that brings these lessons down to me.

This is the meaning of, “in Spirit we will worship Him.”

This is one of the things I got while I was doing “inspirational writing,” where I sit down in front of a blank piece of paper and see what comes.

(I’m going to include it below in case any of you want to comment on it or rate it.)

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This is one of the things I got while I was doing “inspirational writing,” where I sit down in front of a blank piece of paper and see what comes. -------------------- …

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