Co-Creators with God

by Faye

© Cecilia Lim,

© Cecilia Lim,

In the beginning there was not earth, but humanity was in the form of a sparkle in the eye of God. For the moment that the Universal All had the idea for us, we were in existence, a part of the Whole yet destined, in our time, to function with our own consciousness, and will. It is in our experience with our own consciousness and will, that we have taken the mistaken perspective that we are operating apart from God. Everything that we think, and do is incorporated into the identity of God. Human beings are contributing, in our way, to who God is. It is the same with all other beings in the universe, all other entities, though they, in their experiences, do not all have “free will.”

Human beings, in our development, not only have the opportunity to contribute to God, to be a co-creator with God, but also, by contacting the Source, to have full knowledge of what other entities have contributed, and are contributing to the identity of God. All of this is available to us as we progress, and the method of its acquiring, is in the same way that we get all other things, in Heaven and in the earth - by asking. So ask, and know that to ask is the way to receive anything. We can even ask that SHe will make us ready - prepare us to receive, that which we don’t think we are ready for, that which we don’t think we deserve, and\or that which we don’t even know we need. How many things in life have we really thought we were ready for, when they came along?

(Inspirational writing)

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