The Year 2012

There is a lot of speculation out there about the year 2012. I find it “interesting” that we are just ready to enter July of that year and I am only just beginning to research the topic. (I suspect that because of this, it is not doomsday for me, at least.)

New! What if December 21, 2012 began the Birth of a New Earth that each of us has a hand in creating?

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New! What can you do before December 21, 2012? Watch this video and participate!

My Earlier Take on This...

I remember, reading about the Mayan calendar, at least twenty years ago and getting the gist of the information that the Mayan calendar which had been created centuries earlier and was then being deciphered by experts was dated to end December 21st, 2012.

I did the math, discovered how old I would be and determined that I’d probably still be around and decided it would be an interesting event to look into, closer to the date.

Well, life happened, and no doubt, it happened the way it’s supposed to, and here I am five months before “the event,” putting together a spiritual/new age website.

Predictions for this “End of the Mayan” calendar range from the birth of a new spiritual era to a shift of the earth on its axis to the end of the earth through collision by a comet or meteorite.

Birth of a New Spiritual Era?

Because of my research, I am aware of three books by Aurora Ariel entitled Earth 2012. I’ve been reading her other book TheQuest (free ebook) and thinking I’d like to read her Earth 2012 series.

I went to the library yesterday hoping to order it on interlibrary loan and the librarian could not find it available anywhere in the Southern Ontario Library System. (These books are bestsellers in the States but they haven’t reached the “attention” of mainstream Ontario yet. Interesting!)

Is there need for Concern?

Well, this Library area includes Toronto and Ottawa and Hamilton, major metropolitan areas and none of them seem concerned enough to order these “best sellers” for their libraries. I think I’m in a “SAFE AREA.”

Do You Feel the Need to Move?

But how about the rest of you? They suggest staying away from water. I’m about 15 miles from water here. But the important thing here is… are you getting any strong indications that you should move or change cities? Then definitely do.

We’ve all been through the hoopla of “the Millennium.” and we could have become jaded. Or maybe the possible changes that the “experts” are predicting will be more a spiritual evolution, a turn from money to love. (I’m very much hoping that is the case.)

From what I can determine, most of the speculation about 2012 seems to be coming from the new age community. It is astologers, rather than astronomers that are putting significance on this planetary alignment coming in December 2012.

The basis of this date is the alignment of the sun aligned in our view on Earth through the center of our galaxy which is in the Milky Way. At that center there is a black hole. Apparently the sun and the earth will be aligned with this black hole.

I got this information from two Videos that I did find to watch 2012 Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages and Nostradamus 2012. Astrologers are expecting all kinds of energy pulls, etc.

They are suggesting there could be physical – planetary and weather, as well as human evolutionary changes because of the “new” energies that we will be exposed to as we build up to this event, and go through it.

According to these videos, this alignment happens every 26,000 years in earth’s history so they have been looking at what occurred 26,000 years ago. They have also looked at the prophecies of Nostradamus and have seen correlations, although they suggest a two-year period from 2012 to 2014.

Coinciding Prophecy?

They also mention the prophecies of Malachy. If any of you have delved into old prophecies you know that there was a monk back in the middle ages, named Malachy who made a list of the future popes with a description of each pope, so they could be identified.

People have been following this list since it was found and comparing it to each of the popes. They have found it quite accurate.

In the last century they have been following it quite closely, because Malachy’s list has an end… Pope Benedict is the last pope on the list. They suggest in these videos that we have come to the time of the last pope also during this major planetary alignment and this 2012 to 2014 period.

Earth Changes?

The videos suggest climate and weather changes from the energy pulls of this alignment. They also suggest that a Lost book attributed to Nostradamus containing symbolic sketches, predicts human events that will occur in during or shortly after this alignment.

I have not been able to find any books written by those involved discovering and dating this old manuscript. (This is usually what happens. It does mention in the Nostradamus video that the handwriting did not match either Nostradamus’ or his son’s, who was artistic and could have made the drawings from his father’s instructions.) Best Link on this book

They also suggest in the Nostradamus video, that within two years we can expect a comet (predicted by Nostradamus) to come close enough to the earth to cause a shift of the earth on its axis.

My Final Word

Some in the spiritual, new age, community are suggesting, that whatever earth and climate changes may occur, can be influenced by our positive and loving prayers, thoughts and energies in relation to Earth and her people.

As with any other situation, or concern, you certainly can’t go wrong with loving prayers, thoughts, and actions.


2012 Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages (2009) DVD

Documentary, Director: Philip Gardiner Writers: Geoff Stray, Philip Coppens

Stars:Philip Coppens, O.H. Krill and Geoff Stray

IMDb Synopsis: The ancient Mayan calender records the last day of history as December 21, 2012. This documentary examines whether 2012 is really the year of the "end" and whether it is the beginning of a new historical cycle.

Nostradamus 2012 (2009) DVD

Documentary. Director: Andy Pickard Writers: Larry Weitzman, Sarah Hollister

Stars:Vincent Bridges

A documentary about how the Lost Book of Nostradamus predicts the planet–sun alignment in Dec 2012 and things that will occur in human history at that time.

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Keep scrolling to bottom for all information.

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Wikipedia page about the lost Book of Nostradamus. Mentions the History Channel Video. (See Youtube link below)

Nostradamus' Prophecies .PDF

His complete prophecies, all his Century Quatrains. Read or download his prophecies.

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