What is Your Life Saying?

by Faye

The idea of punishment is humanity’s idea, not God’s. Instead of thinking that life is trying to punish you, you can take a different perspective, and see that life is trying to teach you. Look at what appears to be punishment, and ask what you need to learn from it. Ask what it means. Obstacles are a very good way to get our attention so life can point something out to us. What is your life saying to you?

God, in Her love for us, does not want for us to have any limits. It is humankind who places limits; it is humanity that measures. Are there limits you place on yourself that you can work on, to make life more happy and prosperous?

Acknowledging them is the first, and often, the hardest step. To get the answer, you have to first know the question. The Higher Self can help you with this.

Wherever I am in life I continue in God, and God continues in me. That for which we search, is already a part of us. The seeds of all our futures are present in us today. Rejoice.

(Inspirational writing, 1995-96)

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