Cosmic Evolution

by Faye

As drops of rain fall upon the earth, so do particles of dust from the cosmos settle into our atmosphere, bringing new elements that will gradually change the chemistry of the earth. These particles, still too scarce for us to have detected, herald the beginning of a change in the physical evolution of humankind, which will still take centuries to become noticeable. This will be the next evolution, after the present evolution in the mental, spiritual and emotional which, in a way, will prepare humanity for the following evolution, etc.

This is, as it should be; one step takes us to the next one. Things which we learn now, will prepare us for the physical change to come. These particles will take centuries to accumulate into a large enough amount, for us to detect them. By then, their physical effect will already be apparent in the earth-body of humanity. Do not fear, I merely tell you this so you will have an understanding, that there is a pattern working in the universe, and in the earth.

(Inspiration writing 1996)

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