Love as God

There are as many lessons in love for humanity as there are people on the earth. God, as love in all its dimensions, is a vast lesson to learn which can span many lifetimes. We in our understanding of the many facets of love are constantly learning more, and more of God with each new experience. This is part of the purpose of male, and female, as well as one of the most important lessons that we can learn by interaction with our fellow human beings. In this way, our relationships with our fellow human beings, brings us closer to God, the Infinite Wisdom.

Animals, in their simple way, have love of a kind, for their mates, and their offspring. But this is very simple, in comparison to the scope of feeling that can be explored, and expressed by humanity, both in our present capacity, and in the multitudes of capacities that we have yet to explore. Love in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual can be explored in many ways not yet even known to us.

The only thing required is a genuine wish to learn more of love, in your life, and a conscious effort to mentally explore what humanity has already observed, and expressed about love, in our literature and thought. It is also well to observe people in their relations, and try to determine which facets of love expressed by others, you would like to have in your own life; then go out and get it. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Nothing worth having is easy, is it? And that which comes easily is rarely appreciated as much as that we have to work for. However, if you begin, you’re one step closer than you were yesterday, and with each step you’re closer to the goal and further away from the beginning.

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