by Faye

Sex, at its best, is not a power struggle; it is the empowerment of both partners. The “Song of Solomon” reflects this.

The marriage must serve the two people. The two people will not be happy simply serving the marriage. How is this achieved?

In a marriage, there are three involved: the path of each individual, and the path of the partnership. The path of the partnership must be looked at, as what will bring out the best in the two individuals, not the other way around. Humanity, largely, does not believe that this will work. We believe that a great deal of compromise is involved in this union. We have no idea that, in its perfect state, very little compromise is necessary. A greater awareness of the spouse’s path and needs, and an eagerness to provide help and support toward its unfolding, is a better perspective to start from. As long as it is maintained as the focus, much better results will be achieved.

Seeing and experiencing how the two paths weave and connect can be a great epiphany. A good partnership can be a true dance of life.

(Inspirational Writing 1996)

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