The Weak and the Strong

by Faye

Always there will be those who insist upon privilege for some, to the detriment of others. This will be a hard change to make for those who insist that “we will always have the poor.” Look at the context in which this Bible verse is given, and open to its meaning. Could it not mean we will always have the materially poor, the mentally poor, the physically poor, the emotionally poor, the spiritually poor, etc.?

Does it not mean that we all have our weakness in one of these areas? That we are all the lowest in one of these areas? Does this not mean that there will always be the lowest on the totem pole? It does not, however, suggest how we should reply to their poverty, how we should treat them.

Just because we always have the poor does not mean that they need be underprivileged, or that it will always be a state that is looked down upon. This is a human interpretation. The concept on how the weak, and the strong are perceived will change when the concept of the survival of the fittest changes.

The truth here is… we are only as strong as the lowest on each of these totem poles. And, right now, the weakest, spiritually, are ruling.

All we need do, is to count all these strengths as equal, and not let anyone “rule” in an area where they are weak. We must look to people’s strengths, concentrate on people’s strengths, and let their weaknesses fall in line.

(Inspirational writing, 1995-96)

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