What If?

by Faye

The stars know the answers to the questions of humanity. Somewhere in their intrinsic beaming, lies the secret of the seed from which we sprung. Scientists will discover that particles drifting to earth, and not burned away by her atmosphere, yield new insights into the DNA of humankind. We are upon this planet because we were sent out as spores, eons ago, to repopulate the galaxy. Similar creatures, on similar worlds, have not gone in the direction that we have gone, and so we are all unique results of the same basic spore.

How does this fit with the theory on the evolution of the human species? It is our basic DNA code that the spore contained. As souls sought to populate the earth, this spore was part of the material that they used to form a body. ‘Twas part of the clay that God breathed life into. These souls, or sparks of God, took unto themselves, a body, by the process of forming a thought. It is not that they thought, a body, and a body appeared; they thought that they wanted to touch grass, and hear the birds, see a waterfall, and taste an orange.

By wishing to have these senses, the senses were given, or, at least, a vehicle whereby these senses could be utilized. This is how all evolution occurs; we think - what if - and the way materializes. Being attuned to the energy that makes this possible is the hard part.

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