by Faye

Never doubt that circumstances are supposed to happen the way they do. They may, at times, be a pain, but they are, nevertheless, true in their unfolding. And, at times, we do get a sense of this, when we come through something horrendous; that if they had happened in any other way, a different person would now be standing here. We look at the person standing here, and we know, circumstances happened in just the right way, to bring about just who we are, right now.

The ups, and downs are part of life. How we deal with both of them determines where we are on the spiritual level of growth. You’ve heard it said that obstacles are opportunities, depending on how we deal with them. There are not less obstacles for spiritually more developed souls; it just becomes easier to look past the obstacle to the end result, and aim for it. They recognize the process quicker, see it coming, and know how to react to cause it to proceed more smoothly. You get better as you go along.

(Inspirational writing 1996)

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