Home – Oneness

by Faye

We all want to find our own version of “home” upon the earth, whether it is a person, or a place that calls out to us, or a way of life that we grew to love in childhood. These all reflect our need to find our oneness with our Creator; to make steps that lead us back to our true home, our first home, our everlasting home. Every step you tread on the earth leads you a step closer to this, even if you, at times, seem to be going backward. The direction, sometimes, is not so important as the movement. Does this surprise you?

“In Him we live, and move, and have our being.” Why do we not think that God is big enough to encompass any evil - to swallow it like the sun, and digest it, taking from it the components He can use? Do you not realize that we, and all our evil, are taking place in God right now? Is SHe not allowing a great deal in the name of “free will!”

And meanwhile, the wind continues to rustle in the trees, the birds sing, and all is right with the world. God is right with the world.

When humans hear this statement, “All is right with the world,” our first impulse is often to see why it isn’t true, to look at those areas where things are not as good as we’d like them to be. This is putting energy into the negative. A better use of this time would be to dream for the world. To imagine these areas working in a way that we can see as the best; to imagine them as we would hope they could be.

This, done in the passing of an instant, that it takes to find something negative, would put such wonderful thoughts out into the ether where they could thrive and grow. We need to do more positive painting with our minds, and emotions. This could be a very effective time-killer while waiting in lines in the world of today. A new habit takes only a few days of conscious effort to form and this, as a positive habit could move mountains in an amazingly short time. “The proof is in the pudding,” my friend.

(More inspirational writing, 1995-96)

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