The Path

by Faye

© Tommy Alsén,

© Tommy Alsén,

The plight of human beings upon the earth is a precarious one. We are left to our own devices and, in many cases, do not even know what devices we possess. This does not have to be. A closer walk with God yields insight into the unknown skills and potential that we have at our disposal. The walk with God is the only way to access them, as they require a certain strength, and moral character to utilize, and to use well. This is the reason for the narrow path to their attainment.

Do not worry, for your very yearning to possess these gifts, ascertains that you have within you, what is required to attain them. It may serve you to remember this, and remind yourself many times on the path ahead. Here is the key, the first step. Uttering it may indeed be the first lesson for you, the first challenge of the many challenges ahead. “Lord, do you have a lesson for me to learn today?”

(Inspirational writing)

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