by Faye

Human beings are creatures who shirk intimacy. No doubt this is because, that which would make us the happiest, would also hurt the most, if it was withdrawn. It is one of the qualities that keeps us feeling separate from God, and, indeed, was one of the tendencies that brought about our feeling of having fallen away from God, at the time of Adam and Eve. This is unfortunate, as a state of intimacy is a self-perpetuating thing. If we would once manage to find this intimacy with another human being, the couple would discover that the sacredness of that intimacy, once experienced, would be something that they would seek to nurture, and protect.

They would put surprising effort into keeping something that neither would want to lose, after having acquired it. Again we are back at the idea that once having attained something, we will not settle for less, and the idea that once having known something, you can not go back to the state of not having known it. This is where the perpetuity comes in.

A good affirmation to work on bringing intimacy into your life is, “Sex is nice. Intimacy is ecstatic, electric, magic, heaven. That’s what I’m seeking and I’m not going to take, or give, anything less.”

Intimacy begins in the spirit. Most attractions to other human beings begin in the spirit. At some level, our souls are attracted first: either they see something in the other soul that is similar to something in themselves, or the soul sees the opportunity for growth, in the possible relationship with another. Souls who encounter each other after a good relationship in a past lifetime, will often feel immediately at ease with one another. Those who have come in, with the opportunity to work things out with each other, may find themselves attracted, but not comfortable, etc.

This can relate to all relationships of man: parent-child, brother-sister, friend-neighbour, spouse-spouse, and boss-employee. Depending upon the strength of the attraction the air can be thick with it.

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