Power of Love

by Faye

Love can be one of the saddest experiences of our life. It can also be the happiest, the most joyful. What is this thing, this paradox, this emotion that can make us stretch and grow, and, shrivel and hide? This thing, that can cause the spirit to want to jump out of the body, and soar to the very heights, or to retire, and hide into the deepest, most hidden place in the human body, where it cannot be found - where? The centre of the little toe? The bottom of the foot? A secret hidden room in the heart? And all these ups, and downs, can happen in a single day, a single hour, a single instant in one life. Witness the great power of love to shape humanity, and never forget it!

Realize that when you are the object of that love, you are the one who holds the power. This is an awesome responsibility. How are you meeting it? God can help you. This is the power that God gave humanity when He gave us free will.

You can handle this, or it wouldn’t have been given to you. Know this. Receive it. Accept it. Good.

(I get the sense that most of my inspirational writing was meant for me as I went through my life, while I was writing it. But, I hope some of it is relevant to you as well.)

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