One Person, One Thought

by Faye

On the horizons of the many stages of humanity shine the suns of hope and fulfillment. And in our quest for enlightenment we are wise to celebrate our small advances, for no advancement is small in the eyes of God. And changing one attitude to another that is more positive, can really have far more major ramifications than one person would imagine. As a pebble dropped in the water creates a wave which carries across the surface of the whole pond, one person’s decision can have a ripple-effect that traverses out to the farthest star, affecting beings it meets along the way.

Humanity will never completely comprehend the potential power behind one thought. What we may be able to comprehend is the vast power given to us by God in the gift of our “free will.” A little child contemplating that pebble dropped in the pond, has the greatest capacity to incorporate this truth.

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