Time, Space, and Dimension

by Faye

“In my Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so I would have told you.” And what are these many mansions of God? What is a mansion? A rich place to live, with many rooms. And what are the many rooms? The lifetimes of an individual who inhabits that particular mansion. So, as there are many mansions, there are many ways, back to the Father, dependent upon the individual, and the ways they use their free will, in the lifetimes available to them. All the lifetimes are one lifetime, or one big mansion, and are, at some level, going on at the same time, and in the same space, all at once.

This is sometimes very hard for us to grasp with our limited physical mind, attuned to time and space, but we can catch glimpses of the possibility, with our higher mind. The time factor may be easier to grasp than the space factor, because we are so certain that material objects are the real reality, that our material bodies are the realest us. This perspective is fine for now, but don’t be surprised when it changes.

(Inspirational writing 1996)

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