The Individual’s Part to Play

by Faye

Tulip closeup

Tulip closeup

Realize that you do have a part to play in this awakening for none are upon the earth now, who do not have a role. Finding and completing your role should be your greatest priority, for it is the action that will bring the greatest joy, and fulfillment into your life. No role is too small if it be the right one, and whether humanity knows it, or not, the time of the individual is dawning. In this period the true power and potential of an individual life will be realized by the family of humanity. “Me” will be replaced by the “I of the Whole” and all shall prosper by this change. We are not in a time of ending, but of beginning, and the dawning, promises the start of a whole new day for humankind upon the earth.

The young must know, the young must be told, that their part is no less great than any other, for the earth is theirs also, just as surely as it belongs to every bird and tree. For the earth is life and we belong to life, as surely as life belongs to us. Lose your sense of possession wherever you are able, for this will only weigh you down in the new life.

New life? How can we live a different life than the one we know? “How can I be someone that I am not,” you ask? “Free will.” Decision. Belief. Imagining. And the greatest of these is decision.

“How will I decide?” In the same way you decide now. How do you decide now? What force in human consciousness causes a decision to be made? The Will.

For some, a change in circumstance will not be required to motivate the will to make a decision. Circumstance - this has been something that humanity has relied upon for centuries to help us decide. Yet it does not have to be, nor will it be for all; for there are those who will decide before they are forced to by circumstance. There are those who will get a vision for “the good of all concerned, “ and allow that vision to motivate and direct their change. Which will you be?

“How do I change,” you ask? Look at what you think, and do that is not for the good of all concerned, and begin there. Ask yourself, “What can I do in this situation that would be for “the good of all concerned?” The way will become clearer as you act. You can do this.
(More inspirational writing, 1995-96)

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