by Faye

Pink hanging flowers

Pink hanging flowers

What is joy? It is the closest thing to the oneness of God. If we but touch upon this oneness for an instant, we experience joy. For such is the instant feeling of anyone who has been at-one with God. That is why in our deepest darkness, in his harshest pain, we can touch that place within ourselves which feels joy. There is within each human being, each human heart, a room, a place where joy abides, and if we can find this place, we can reside in joy for as long as we dwell there. Those things in life which are closest to God for us, bring forth this joy, and touch a chord which vibrates with the same vibration as joy.

Like attracts like, and like responds to like. Joy overflowing like a cup full of water is a good image of this, as this joy can seep into the saddest experiences, and dispel the pain in a truly miraculous way. To live in constant joy would be the ideal state of humankind - would, indeed, be heaven on earth. Dwelling in joy would bring a change of vibration in the human body that little else could equal, or compare to. Just imagine. And that, you can imagine, that, you can have - we would say possess but the closer word is be.

Dancing upon the sunbeams of God’s love, and sliding down the rainbows of joy, would be a good meditation for those who wish to be healed of any affliction. We can contribute to our own healing, indeed, our attitude is a very important ingredient. Not only in wanting to get well, but in expecting to get well, and in making an effort to seek that healing; all these will speed the cure.

You have heard that we create our own dis-ease. This has almost become a natural state of human beings. The world is infused with so many vibrations of dis-ease and darkness that humanity, at some level, thinks we would be uncomfortable without them. We have grown used to these feelings of discomfort, and they almost have the same effect as addictions; they are familiar, and we are hesitant to give up, that which is familiar. Our consciousness, and the direction we have taken has brought these vibrations into such prominence, and a change in our consciousness and in our direction, can just as easily abolish them.

(Inspirational writing, 1995-96)

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Sep 22, 2012
Joy-oneness with God
by: Alicia

That's an interesting point that you made about joy being the closest feeling to being one with God. I'm going to think on this further.

Did you mean when we go to heaven and we become one with God?

Or did you mean becoming enlightened here on earth?

Nov 12, 2012
Levels of Joy
by: Faye

Hi Alicia

Interesting questions...

I think all joy probably reminds us of the joy we have felt on the other side. And I think when we do something we really love to do it is a clue to who we are in our soul.

I think we can also attain different levels of joy, some of them here on earth and some of them as we grow spiritually both here and in other dimensions.

Sylvia Browne says some souls choose in their journey to finally meld back with God and lose their individual identities. This is probably another level of joy.

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