by Faye

Rain upon the leaves of a willow tree catch and then fall, making it appear that the willow is weeping. Smiling faces upon the earth cover a multitude of human woes, tribulations largely brought upon humanity by humanity. Why do we do this? When will we gain the strength to not return pain for pain, sorrow for sorrow? When will we see that a change in our actions can bring a change in the world? Don’t let anyone ever tell you it is too late to change. Sometimes it is only in our darkest hours that we gain an aversion to the conditions in our lives, that most need changing. In our desperation a decision is made that reverses the tide and brings us to a different shore.

Somewhere lies the shore of your paradise. Knowing that it exists out there, knowing what your paradise will include, these are thoughts that will bring it about, will call it to you. Think them always, even in your desperation. Come ever back to them, and rest your eyes upon the mark. Here, now, we are creating our own next lifetime.

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