Developing Psychic Abilities Two

by Faye

Answer a Burning Question

No mater what question or concern is puzzling us now, we can get more insight on it by asking just one question, making it specific, and realizing that all we really need to know is the next step.

So the question begins... What is the next step I need to take to bring... "the result I want in this situation"?

Say a prayer of protection:

Please Lord, let only that which is for my good and the good of others come through to me. Thank you. Amen.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the message coming from:
• someone passed on?
• my spirit guide(s)?
• my angel(s)?

2. Is the message for me?

3. Is the message for someone else?

4. Is the message for a single person?
or humanity?

5. What is the message?

I would suggest that you ask yourself one of these questions a day, for the next five days.
Write out the first question on a sheet of paper (with room to write answers). Say the prayer, take five deep breaths and slowly let them out, then read the question to yourself. And write down anything you see, hear, fell, or know. Anything that comes to you directly after you ask. Then fold the paper and carry it with you, and go about your day.

Stop, about three or four times during the day, open the paper and ask the question again. And write anything that you see, hear, think, etc.

At the end of the day, read every thing you've written. Also check back through the happenings of your day and ask yourself if there have been any repetitions, synchronicities, coincidences, or occurrences that really got your attention.

Did they add any insight to the question?

Do this for all five questions. (As you go, it might not take a day for every question.) But be sure that you do the review at the end of the day anyway.

Did you have any interesting dreams during this period? (We often work over things that happened in our day in our dreams, so you might find some answers there as well.)

If you use a method of divination such as tarot, dice, runes, angel cards you can use it to verify how your intuition is working in this process. Wait until the end of the day and ask the same question of your divination method.

(Feel free to comment below and let us know how this worked to you.)

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