Test and Develop Your Psychic Ability 1

by Faye

We all want to know more about our spiritual gifts, how we can develop them and how we can use them effectively. I believe using our gifts with an attitude of using them "for the good of all concerned" is important.

I also know that many people want to know about their psychic gifts and how to develop them. I believe psychic gifts are spiritual gifts, and fall into the realm of our spiritual development.

Here's an exercise I happened upon recently, in my wanderings, and thought you might be interested in trying.

It helped me to discover a psychic ability I didn't know I had and gave me a chance to verify that the information I got was correct.

I'll lead you through the process I did while I was out browsing...

I was looking for a couple of Spiritual forums to join and I found Spiritcharms, looked the site over a little, and decided to sign up... (You can come as a guest for this exercise.)

1. Go to http://www.spiritcharms.co.uk/

After I did, I went back to the forums planning to lurk for a while and get a feel for the place...

I lurked for a while and my eyes fell on a forum called Photo Reading Section in the block entitled, Spiritcharms Spiritual Haven.

2. Click on Photo Reading Section.

3. Choose one of the requests for a picture reading that resonates for you.

4. Read the poster's comment about the photo. (Do not look at any other comments.) Look at the picture and get it firmly in your mind. Say to yourself, Okay, this will be fun; I'm going to see what impressions I get about this person.

5. Get up, go away from your screen, to the other side of the room or another room and sit down, looking at the wall.

6. See the person's picture in your mind and ask yourself questions about them. After each question pause, look at their picture again (in your mind) and note any answer or impression that comes.

7. Write your impressions down, even if you get something far-fetched.

8. Now read the comments from contributors for the photo you picked and see how their impressions compared to yours.

My results:
I was rather surprised at the accuracy of my impressions. How about You?

Please comment on how you found this exercise and tell your friends about it.

You now have a place where you can practice this ability.

And definitely join Spiritcharms and meet some other seekers.

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