Chevalier's Soulmate Poem

by Chevalier

A Letter to My Soulmate

Love remembers.
And you, my love, are a sweet sureness I could never forget,
a melancholy chord that resonates longingly within me.
You, in some way, are my life, and I, yours.
How this came to be, is lost in the echoes of time past
and reawakened in the beating of your heart
and the brilliance of your eyes.

Was there an instant when I knew you again for all time,
or is every minute in your presence one of these?
If I could know that, at life’s end you would be there for all eternity,
I could really believe in heaven.

Having you now may be too much to bear
in this life of hardship and pain.
Or it may be the only thing I will ever want to keep and hold,
in a world of transient wishes.

If ever I were to know that you were mine for an instant,
“my heart would cease to beat.”
And in that stillness,
radiant beams of heaven’s precious sun,
would call me to my own true home.

Peach blossoms glistening in the dew of morning,
spreading their ambrosia on the breeze,
hold not a candle to the essence of you
that filters through the consciousness of my being.

If there were words I would use them,
to keep you with me in a gentle pool of love.
My heart sings out to you in notes I little know,
or understand.
But somehow in your presence,
it plays a symphony of yearning and devotion.

If I were but one tear upon the face of God,
I would be the tear of joy at your creation.
It is the same with you, I know.
But how I know; I know not.

Ours is a paradox that will not be reconciled,
to a little green planet only,
for the universe would sound its tones and echoes,
for a month of Sundays, and a day,
If we could be together.

If this means nothing to you,
then I have missed my mark,
and love, in its journey,
will come around again.

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Nov 26, 2012
by: Faye

Wow. Wow!
Can I sell this as a poster in my future webstore?

Dec 02, 2012
by: Chevalier

Okay. Sure thanks.

Jul 11, 2013
Message for Poets on my Site
by: Faye

I have just left a message on the poem Page for you poets about making a Kindle book so I can promote your poetry.

Take Care,

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