Debbie's Poetry Page

by Debbie

I write poetry because I like to express myself and I love to see the comments I get for the poetry I write.


Sometimes we run into problems,
And we really don't know what to do,
But we really need to sit down,
And think it all through.

You can get through anything,
If you just know where to turn,
But if you really do not know,
Then you can certainly learn.

You need to let God know,
And he will find a way,
And you can then do your part,
And that means to pray.

So everything turned out for the best,
And that is sure no lie,
You did what you were supposed to,
And now you can thank that man in the sky.


You are blessed with so many things,
You probably can't count them all,
But it really doesn't matter,
Whether they're big or small.

Just be grateful for all of them,
And thank God for each and every one,
Because he was the one that made it happen,
Our begotten son.


Have a good attitude about things,
Just smile each and every day,
Then when you do you will see,
That things will go your way.

A good attitude is important,
It will prevent a lot of strife,
Then people will like you,
And you'll have a very good life.


Be optimistic in your life,
Believe that things will go your way,
And if you need a little help,
Take some time and pray.

You need to have positive thoughts,
The negative needs to leave,
And if you think long enough,
You truly will believe.

So you did think good thoughts,
And being optimistic made things right,
And it was all because,
You saw the light.

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Sep 20, 2012
Great Stuff!
by: Faye

Well, Debbie, I'm glad you do write poetry. It's certainly full of simple truth and encouragement for all of us!

Thank you

Dec 03, 2012
Checking in
by: Faye

Hi Debbie

Just thought I'd let you know that people are reading your poems; they're just not commenting yet.

How long have you been writing spiritual poetry?

Dec 12, 2012
About your Poetry
by: Faye

I'm happy to keep adding your poems to my site Debbie, as you send them to me, but I have another suggestion for you. I think you should get something for your labors, even if your poetry is a labor of love.

Think about this... collect your poems as you write them... don't send me any more. When you've got 25 to 30 email them to me and I'll make a PDF ebook of your poetry and offer it as a product in my future store. Then the people who love your poetry can pay a little, you can make a little, I can make a little, and we'll all be happy.

I really think they are good enough.

It can be good exposure for your poetry. And you never know, it might lead to a published hardcover book if enough people buy it.

What do you think about this?

Feb 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi Faye,

Here is another poem. I have about 20 others. Should I send them to you via Debbie's Poetry Page or somewhere else. Thanks


Do you appreciate everything you have?
Do you know they were all given with love?
And the one you need to really thank,
Is up in the sky above.

You just need to be very grateful,
And tell him that each day,
Because you will even receive much more,
Have you told him that today?

Feb 10, 2013
Hi Debbie
by: Faye

It would be good if you can email me the poems by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of the page. Please use a subject title of "Debbie's Poetry" so I make the connection.

You can either copy them into the body of the email or send a .doc file. I have Open Office and Word.

I'll review them and then we can email back and forth in more detail.


Jul 11, 2013
Message for Poets on my Site
by: Faye

I have just left a message on the poem Page for you poets about making a Kindle book so I can promote your poetry.

Take Care,

Oct 29, 2013
by: Marie Nickerson

inspiring thoughts, definitely spiritual, decent rhymes, rhythm good enough

Apr 29, 2014
Debbie's poems
by: Anonymous

Well ; who could disagree with these expressed sentiments. She is a sweetie pie!!! Roy..........

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