Spiritual/Intuitive Counsellors

Marriage and Family

Kelsi McMartin, MFT

I am a spiritually focused, holistically trained marriage and family therapist. My work is deepened and enhanced by my connection with my own guides and angels. Through use of angel oracle cards, my abilities as an empath, and clair-cognizance(clear knowing) I am able to bring higher wisdom through for my clients.


Anna's Angel Wings

Angel Card Readings are where your own angels or guides provide you guidance regarding relationships, careers, or any other concerns you may have. No part of our lives is considered insignificant. Angels are a true gift to all of us from the Divine Source (or God if that is your belief). They want you to know you can count on them to stick by your side through everything. In times of great need, your angels are even closer to you. An angel card reading will help bring you clarity and peace.   


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