Fixations of the Psyche

by Eleanor Leech
(Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom)

Fixations of the Psyche is a collection of poems written from my mind and soul. I am a 21 year old female living in society today and I want young peoples real perspectives to be heard. These poems are about my journey of self discovery, freedom and expression. I want to teach people by putting essence, love and words from the soul into the world. The aim of fixations of the Psyche is to make people think and realise how beautiful life is and how many possibilities there are.


A baby is born to nourish.
A seed is planted to flourish.
Encourage me to encourage you to speak my philosophy.
My words reach to great velocity.
Only heard by the minority.
Use the senses of life with sheer luminosity.
Treat each person with love and generosity.
Be part of the expanding story.
Create your beginning, make life your friend
And wait for the new beginning at the end of the end.
Never feel that you lack,
And if the world hates you, love it back.

Living is Forgiving

Living is forgiving, forgive me like I forgive you.
Forgive this life of pain.
So what's wrong and what's right when it's all from my sight?
What's right is what's right to you and what's right to me is being me.
I'm as strong as the rocks resting on paper.
I'm as rare as the butterfly see it flutter.
Do you see the tears in these eyes pour out like the rain from the skies.

These are tears of joy like a child with a toy.
These are tears of bliss like a snakes hiss.
I am more than this body,
I am more than these words,
I am beyond me, beyond what I see. See what I see.
Run away with me where we can smile and live,
Where we can dance and give.
Where we can have fun and live as one,
Live as one,
Live as one.

We are words in this existence of curiosity,
Ripping away what's ours to create a monstrosity.
Person after person around me in this invisible air we breathe.
If I live in this world, then this world is mine.
But all I am given is a shrine, to prove I was.
I am here now just like you,
See past the words and name and see we are the same,
We are the same,
We are the same.

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Nov 09, 2012
by: Faye

Wow, Eleanor, you're such an accomplished wordsmith for your age. And your poetry goes to the soul. Thanks for sharing. And dxefinitely keep on writing.

Nov 12, 2012
by: Eleanor

that really means a lot

Dec 03, 2012
Centering your Poems
by: Faye

Hey, Eleanor

Do you want me to center your poems and put them in stanzas? Or do you want to keep them in the prose style they are in?

Let me know because I have the option to do that at my end.

How many poems do you have? And do you have a PDF book?

By the way, people are reading your poems ladies, they just aren't commenting.

Dec 07, 2012
by: Anonymous


I have around 25 poems in a PDF book if you're interested i can send them to you, i already have these poems with stanzas if you want me to send them to you too that would be wonderful, but if you want to put them in stanzas yourself that would be ok too!! many thanks

Dec 12, 2012
Thanks for your reply.
by: Faye

Thanks Eleanor
I have your email address and will contact you shortly.

I think your PDF ebook would be great to offer in my future online store so I'll write you more about this.

Jul 11, 2013
Message for Poets on my Site
by: Faye

I have just left a message on the poem Page for you poets about making a Kindle book so I can promote your poetry.

Take Care,

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