Jeanne Fiedler's Love Poems

by Jeanne Fiedler
(New Jersey)

I write about spiritual things going on in my life in the moment and try to express them with clarity and simplicity.


Being positive and having a
purpose in everything you do
and having naturalness that
breathes into your skin, veins
and blood
Being in the transcendent force
of energy - leaving behind all
the problems, the anger and the
Being an innocent and pure listener
to the harmony around you
Dwelling inside your mind
watching life entering it
The images of the blue and green
the wildness of the tigers and lions
the delicateness of the small daisies
the smiles of the children strolling
by with their proud parents
the eagerness of the gifted
humanitarians healing the earth
There are moments of anxiety
which cause hate, insanity, violence
and war
We may feel torment sometimes, turmoil
or fear
but what we aspire to be right now
while we are searching in the moment
is all that it will ever take...


The waves lifting and falling
the flooding sounds in the background
the sand so soft and clear
I focus on my inner mind, my inner light
a sanctuary of hope...
Perfect peace in the present moment
anxiety getting softer and softer
Namaste - to the whole earth
the blue sky lightened by the sun
surrounded by the sea and the earth
My consciousness of my yoga movements
in closer and closer attention to
the moment,
all hate and violence,and sadness gone
the inner space brings so much joy
my body, mind and heart silent
by my softness of emotion
Love, harmony, joy and beauty
carrying me into the morning hours
into my inner and outer life...

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Aug 22, 2013
by: Faye

Jeanne, your poems speak with deep, soft, and gentle wisdom. Thank you for sharing with us.

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