Marie Nickerson's Poetry Page

by Marie Louise Nickerson
(Vero Beach, FL, USA)

For Every Nice Lady (and kind gent)

Your Kindly Heart with loving Brightly Glows,
and Like an Ever-Blooming,
Budding Rose,
may Lovingkindness make and Keep You Whole,
and Always Bless Your Body,
Heart, and Soul.

The brilliant Light of lovingkindness
wherEver Gaia Maya Shakti treads.
Her Perfect Love both make and Keep You Whole, and Ever Bless your Body,
Heart, and Soul!

Peace Conference

Unnecessary Fears... now go away –
Dear Savior All-in-One, come-in-and-stay!
May All of us here Now..
enLightened BE –
Let Loving-Kindness flow con-Tinual-ly!
May Agitated Hearts find Healing Rest,
and Ev’ry-One on Earth...
be Richly Blest!

Both poems Copyright Marie Louise Nickerson 2012, 2013

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Oct 30, 2013
Thanks for Sharing, Marie!
by: Faye

Thanks for sharing your poems with us, Marie. (I've left your grammar style intact as I sense it is part of your message.)

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