Psalms From A Distant Window

by Charles Hodges
(Atlanta Georgia)


I feel yah, it’s like hard times never end.
In fact, I don’t know where mine start or yours begin.
We simply spinning on a whirlwind
Hoping to see tomorrow again.
Feet tired from hitting the pavement. Knowing rent due and you ain’t made it.
God, why ain’t thangs going right, I prayed it.
When my neighbor was in need I gave it.
From day’s end until the sun up comes again
I have been diligently trying to win.
I wanna come in first in every race I’m in
But instead it’s ribbons in the wind.
So I put Job in my mind and David in my heart
Jesus on my lips and He hits restart.
He don’t need an inferno He works with a spark
So I hit my grind knowing He will never depart.
Keep Pushin, it’s all gonna be just fine. You the fruit of the most precious vine. Keep Pushin, it’s all gonna be just fine. Your faith will be rewarded in due time.

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Feb 26, 2013
Powerful Stuff!
by: Faye

Your poem brought tears to my eyes as I read it. They were tears from my own tryin' pain, but they were also tears to know I have a brother (of the human race out there) who understands. They were also tears for my other brothers and sisters out there and their needless pain and struggle.

Thank you.

Jun 30, 2013
by: Chales Hodges

Thanks Faye: I am glad you enjoyed the work. It is my hope that what God has blessed me to do will cause each person to understand the Greatness of his mercy. May you be blessed.

Jul 11, 2013
Message for Poets on my Site
by: Faye

I have just left a message on the poem Page for you poets about making a Kindle book so I can promote your poetry.

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