"Silence of the Heart" by Robert Adams

by David Prichard
(Dallas, Texas)

Robert was a spiritual master in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta. His teaching on the unity of all things has profoundly impacted my spiritual development. Here are a few quotes from his work:

"You are pure reality. You are the imperishable Self. Never were you born. Never did you prevail. Never will you leave. You are the One. The All Pervading One...There is only the One Reality, and you are That."

"The finite mind cannot comprehend the infinite."

"Humility and loving kindness are all that emanates from one who has truly experienced of God."

"Liberation, Moksha, Self-Realization is when the mind that is left over in The Silence is pulled completely into The Spiritual Heart. At that time, the whole mind, the "I" dissolves completely and you are Free."

"There really is nothing to say. Words are superfluous...You cannot explain Truth in words...The Reality only comes when you give up yourself. When you give up your ego. When you give up your needs, your wants, trying to make something happen, desires. When you give up trying to be Self Realized. When you just give up. Then Something Wonderful Happens. You begin to expand. Not your body, but the Consciousness which YOU are. You become All Pervading, Absolute Reality. It happens by itself."

"The only burden you have ever had is your mind. There is no other burden...Think of the kind of life you are living today, your possessions, your friends, your loved ones, your employees. Do these things come to you through luck, or chance? Of course not. You have created all things yourself."

"The ultimate truth is that 'YOU' are already All Pervading Consciousness"

"Within you is the light of a thousand suns."

"Your self is Pure Awareness and YOU are THAT."

"Whatever you think about, that you become ultimately."

"There is a greater Power That Knows the Way that takes care of this world, this Universe. And it needs no help from you. The only way 'you' can help this world is by awakening, becoming Self Realized."

"the process of realization is removal, not adding. Removing this and that, removing all concepts and all preconceived ideas. Removing all of your thoughts, no matter what kind of thoughts they are, good bad they all must go. And what is left will be no-thing. You are that. You are that no-thing."

"You have to realize who 'YOU' are. When you understand that you are Consciousness, then you understand that you are everything. For Consciousness is not limited to yourself, your personal self. Consciousness is All Pervading Omnipresence. Therefore you know you are everything. You are the planets. You are the trees. The leaves, the bedbugs...everything. The whole universe is 'YOU'."

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Jan 29, 2013
One for My Reading List
by: Faye

Well, I haven't heard of Robert Adams before. Sounds interesting. I'm putting this one on my reading list.

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