Soul Harmonic

by Gwen Potts

I write poetry as a means of expressing my feelings and thoughts about what I am working through in my life. Often I don't plan to write, it just bubbles up and out. Sometimes I read back over the poem and can't believe I wrote them!
Or really remember constructing them word by word.

Often the journey through the 'dark night of the soul' is the most inspirational time to write, the pain a catalyst for exploration and a general impulse to know myself and the universe at a deeper level.
I hope you enjoy reading them!

My blog:


I am standing here
At a crossroad in time

I want to know myself
The deepest, highest truth, my truth, just me

Not just absorbed from this long journey of life
That gathering of knowledge
Of other people’s opinions and ideas
The profound exploration of humanity's questioning
It just isn't enough

That collection of knowledge explodes in my head and transfigures itself, little by little
Like an expansion, like the child through the birthing canal of life
There is pain, deep pain, which infuses through me to uncover
To transmute, to break apart, to Open

Like a pearl hidden within a clam
There is pressure exerted to open that shell
But there is also the strongest longing to know the pearl
The pearl
Not of knowledge but of wisdom
Waiting patiently within

Connecting with nature brings messages in the breeze
through the trees
They speak a message of change, of transformation

Just listening, just listening

What's my truth?
What's MY truth?
What do I really feel?

Maybe I'm just stubborn
Courageously rebellious?
Don't want to feel controlled
Just my realizations

Grow my own seed and watch it flourish
Growing, changing, adapting, learning from 'mistakes'
Strengthening that connection with each step
Feel my own truth
Hear my own soul's deepest whisper

Stronger, stronger like a stream flowing downwards
Gaining strength
Rushing, gushing waterfalls
A re birth, baptism, an initiation

Cleansing, renewing, rejuvenating
Pouring forth through each cell
The crystal clear clarity as the waterfall rushes through my being
Awakening the soul
Ever brighter
Like a shining star that twinkles from the heavens
Constantly lighting the path

It's just the clouds that dim that light
A momentary covering
A moment of reflection
To encourage finding and connecting with our own light

The cloud's pass and there it is
That light was there, ever constant all along

Just listening
Just listening

Until I Know myself


What if we took full responsibility for our own pain?
Without projecting or blaming others, realizing that when we feel betrayed, accused or hurt
It is simply a mirror to look at ourselves - ever deeper
That when we feel judged
We are really judging ourselves

If we realized that whatever has been 'done' to us
Is there simply as a gift to heal and release that pain
But why is it seemingly so hard to fully integrate some lessons?
We can understand them intellectually, but when they are
so deeply carved inside
It’s so much harder to let go

Some of these lessons are not even of this lifetime
But remembered by the soul
A single comment or glance into someone’s eyes
A story of some bygone event etched within the soul

Its purpose to re-ignite that fire - to heal that pain
A gift to us at its deepest core
Although we are conditioned
To only see the surface event
It is only by fully feeling and expressing this pain
Can we hope to release it

Like a rose unfolding its petals with the early morning sun
Drinking in the sweet dew
That has settled on its petals
Daring to bare its center to the shining sun - the life giver

That although emits a great heat and energy
Provides the growth needed for the rose to blossom
Day after day it blossoms
And the bees enjoy its sweet nectar

The chain reaction of growth and evolution moves swiftly
An interconnected web each giving to the other

The rose won’t blame the bee if it fails to drink its nectar
The bee won’t blame to rose if its nectar isn't sweet
Each is responsible for its link in the chain
The tapestry of life

A symbiotic dance that makes the world flourish
Each understanding and accepting its part
Helping the other with no expectations

If only we as humans could learn to dance this sublime dance
Be responsible for ourselves
Learn to dance together in harmony
To rejoice at the heavenly synergy we create

Just by dancing our own unique dance

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Jul 11, 2013
by: Faye

Thank you, Gwen for submitting two of your beautiful poems. As Anne of Green Gables would say, "I think we are kindred spirits."

I get some of my poems the same way.

Jul 11, 2013
Message for Poets on my Site
by: Faye

I have just left a message on the poem Page for you poets about making a Kindle book so I can promote your poetry.

Take Care,

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