We ask that you take this pledge when you become a member of The Golden Age Directory:

I pledge to provide excellent service to all clients and deal with any questions or complaints in a responsible way that reflects my business or organization in a good light.

I pledge to keep my website and or Facebook page active by regularly posting on it  a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week.

I pledge to keep my business information current on the Directory by informing The Golden Age Directory about any address changes or major business changes that keep the listing current.

I agree to provide a link to the Golden Age Directory on my main homesite. (This link can be to any directory page including one where you are listed.) If your homesite is Facebook or Twitter, you can opt to mention the Directory and post a link once a month instead.

Members signing up for the "Introductory Special" agree to receive the extra features and information, as we add them by either visiting the Member's Section or opting to receive the monthly newsletter.

Basically, we ask for all our members to agree to carry on fair business practices - "Do business unto others as you would have business done with you."

Members agree to remain for the duration of the time period of their membership and My Spiritual Place agrees to keep their listing active during this period, where ever technically possible. My Spiritual Place reserves the right to resolve any questions or complaints in a way that we deem appropriate, and in keeping with the statements above.

We have full discretion in determining if a member has broken the membership agreement in any way that shall result in removal from the site with no reimbursement of the membership price.

Early cancellation may be considered in extreme cases and could result in a percentage of membership price being reimbursed. This is at our discretion.


Our Pledges

We agree to provide the features mentioned in our information pages making them available in a timely manner and announcing them on the Member's pages.

My Spiritual Place reserves the right to offer any new features that it feels will provide more benefits to it's visitors and members and to announce them on The Golden Age Directory.

We will only contact you by email in relation to your membership (i.e.) general office procedures, renewal notice, information regarding new features, and updating your listing to keep it current.

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