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Welcome to the information page for our new Golden Age Directory.


The Idea for the Directory

The idea for the directory came to me as I was hanging out on one of my favourite Hay House authors pages and I realized how many Lightworkers (as Doreen Virtue would call us,) were out there pursuing their particular callings and businesses to spread the light and provide products and services for this dynamic period in history where we find ourselves.

I saw that the business people and businesses were large and small, full time and part time, and that many of us were looking for affordable ways to promote and reach our clients and future clients, online. 

Basically what we are, are people who have felt the call to create businesses in a growing field  that allows for us to do work that we enjoy and find meaningful, while at the same time, using our talents and abilities to help and serve others. What a great lifestyle to pursue!

Hearing the Call

As I was out there, online, as a small businesswoman, networking researching, looking for information to include on my information website for spiritual seekers, I began to realize that there were many others out there, doing the same thing.

But it also began to occur to me that there was a niche there that was not serving anyone well. My entrepreneurial wheels started turning. But it was coming at a deeper level too. I've always been one of those people who likes to help others, who likes to be a part of a community. And I'm also the fellow worker who looks at any place I'm working and finds a way to pick up the slack - be at the place where no one's doing the job to help make things flow better.

I'm also one of those people who likes to help things flow better and work better, if possible to make everyone's job a little easier and more enjoyable. (It's interesting that very often large companies don't recognize and utilize this kind of person well.

As a young person I learned that I had these skills and that I enjoyed using them working with my parents who were entrepreneurs in their own rights as owners of a successful family farm. This is probably the reason why one of my dreams has always been to be a successful entrepreneur who calls many of my own shots.

I'm still working at it. Small farmers are also very big at being part of a community as they really came directly from the pioneers in North America, (and many other areas) who went into new virgin areas and relied on their fellow pioneers to survive in new and harsh environments.

This whole Spiritual Age and movement is still a relatively new frontier because of the age of change and uncertainty in which we find ourselves, worldwide.

So, I just feel the ingrained wisdom of looking at what worked in the past and tweaking and adapting it to work in this present transition. That is what pioneers do.


Features and Benefits

What we are setting up is a directory with a yearly membership price, and it has some great features. It is affordable for the small and large business. And our "Introductory Price Special", if you signup in the next three months is Really Great!


Here are some of it's Advantages:

  • It is great for the customer (They can find companies, organizations and goods of interest to spiritual seekers in one place, and utilize the "Walls" that have sales and promotions and new events coming up locally and online from our member companies.)
  • It will remain Current and up to date (unlike many other directories)
  • And it has policing to keep everybody honest and safe, (as much as can be possible on the web.)
  • It is more graphically appealing than other directories, and utilizes.
  • It has the community element where we all help each other (co-op).
  • It gives you time to handle what you do best and lets us handle getting visitors to your site.
  • And it gives customers a one-stop location to find the things that they want online.
  • It allows for announcing new products, events, and services added and allows you to announce sales, specials, and promotions on Promotion and Event "Walls" that post onto an RRS feed with weekly postings if you want to.

So you not only get a directory posting in up to three categories, that is always there, but also the opportunity to post on up to six "Walls" (bulletin boards), with anything new. (all for the yearly membership price.)

I am starting the directory on my existing website to take advantage of the traffic I have built up there - We expect over 10,000 visits in March 2014, and growing every month.

When the Directory gets large enough 300-500 listings, we will transition it over to a separate website. (But will always keep the links and banners on the original site.)

Community Advantages

Every member will agree on signup to put a prominent link on their own website or mention the directory once a month on Facebook. etc.

This will ensure that every member is contributing to the traffic for the good of the community.

The membership fee allows for us to do advertising on Google and Facebook, for sure. And when the site is large enough, we will work to get accepted to large, prominent directories, such as Yahoo.

Future Considerations


Phase Two - Worldwide Directory

Within six months we are planning to add a Worldwide Directory of local listings. This is similar to a Yellow pages online where you can be listed By country, state/province/district, and your local city address, and telephone number if you wish.

This will be good for stores, churches, organizations, and practitioners who want their clients to visit them locally. (The present signup form gives you the option to provide this information now so that we can include you when we add this feature.)


Social Networking

We will certainly look at creating a Facebook presence as the Directory progresses.



We may come up with membership packages that include banner ads on the site if our members wish to take advantage of this (if the site grows enormously in traffic.)

Introductory Offer

Pay $30 CAN for the first year and a half if you sign up in the next three months! (From March 16 to June 15, 2014)

Regular Price is $50 a year so this is a savings of 40% and gives you an additional six months for free! (A great way to try out the service at an affordable price and find out how it's going to work for you!)

Check out the Directory Homepage here.

Signup now!

Our Visitors

The visitors to My Spiritual are spiritual seekers and people who are open to nondenominational spirituality.  Many people who are interested in spirituality, self-help, angels, psychic gifts, meditation, peace, a green planet, and healthy and peaceful lifestyles and products. They are interested in what might help them on their varied and individual spiritual paths.

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