Sanctuary Room 2

Here are more You tube videos that provide peace and renewal.

Magical Healing Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum

by Fabidreams

Jane Siberry live at Veranda - Calling All Angels

Meditations: Native American Flute Album

by 3434343434utubeguy

Angel - Sarah McLachlan

Sound Therapy - Native American Flute

by Relax with Nature

Native American flute, wind chimes and distant drums...

Music to relax your mind, study and concentrate #1

by LoL

1 hour relaxation mix by Michael Maxwell

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REIKI Healing Music - Исцеляющая Музыка Рeйки

by vselennayareiki

Dolphin dreams - Melody oceans - Zen and Relaxation

by Light Worker

Sound Therapy - Beautiful Birds' Song

by Relax with Nature

This is a compilation of birds' singing in the forest - fills you with warmth, peace and energy for the day ahead. view here

Incredibly Relaxing Meditation Music - Full Hour

by Guided Meditation Site

This deeply relaxing meditation music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke is called 'Untold Depths'. It contains delta waves and is best experienced at a quiet volume with your eyes closed. This soothing music is very gentle, but it is also very powerful and can lead to altered states of consciousness, from light hypnotic trances to profoundly deep states of relaxation.


by Anna Horno Girela

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This is a place of safety where you can come for peace and renewal.

Sanctuary Room 2

More tranquil and renewing videos.

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Videos and links to bring you joy.

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