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Atlantis - Gerhart Hauptmann (Novel)

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Atlantis Illustrated – H.R. Stahel

Synopsis: One artist's depiction of what the buildings and lands of Atlantis might have looked like.


Atlantis: Myth or Reality – Murry Hope 1991

Amazon Synopsis: A painstaking piece of detective work, drawing on all available evidence, this is the most thorough and important work on a perennially fascinating topic.


Atlantis : the antediluvian world - Ignatius Donnelly 2011

Amazon Synopsis: Neither an occult book nor a work of fantasy, this 1882 classic offers an erudite blend of evidence from geologic, oceanographic, and anthropologic studies and remains a captivating work of enthusiasm and imaginative thought. 128 illustrations. Introduction by E. F. Bleiler.   Read online or download free  

The Atlantis Blueprint: Unlocking the Ancient Mysteries of a Long-Lost Civilization - Colin Wilson 2001

Amazon Synopsis: A spellbinding blend of history and science, scholarship and speculation, this landmark work presents startling new evidence that traces archaeology's most enduring mysteries back to the lost civilization of Atlantis....

The Great Pyramid. Stonehenge. Machu Picchu. For centuries, these and other sacred sites have inspired wonder among those who ponder their origins.

Conventional science tells us they were constructed by local peoples working with the primitive tools of a fledgling civilization. But these megaliths nonetheless continue to attract pilgrims, scholars, and adventurers drawn by the possibility that their true spiritual and technological secrets remain hidden.

Who could have built these elaborate monuments? How did they do it? And what were their incomprehensible efforts and sacrifices designed to accomplish?

Now comes a revolutionary theory that connects these mysteries to reveal a hidden global pattern -- the ancient work of an advanced civilization whose warnings of planetary cataclysm now reverberate across one hundred millennia.


Atlantis: The Eighth Continent – Charles Berlitz 1985

Amazon Synopsis: For thousands of years before the beginning of recorded history -- the legends tell us -- a powerful civilization flourished in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This breathtakingly advanced island continent boasted splendid cities, golden temples, crowded seaports from which the far-reaching influence of Atlantis spread to the rest of the world, until its destruction in an overwhelming cataclysm.

Now, based on careful study of scientific undersea research, Charles Berlitz proves that Atlantis is not legend but fact -- and unravels a mystery even more startling than the Bermuda Triangle!

What message lies buried with the mighty stone structures deep beneath the Atlantic?

What profound revelations about Atlantis have come to us from beyond the Earth?

Was Atlantis destroyed in an ancient nuclear war?

What great centers of Atlantean culture yet await discovery?


Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World - George Erikson & Ivar Zapp


Atlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization - Shirley Andrews 2002

Amazon Synopsis: The legend of lost Atlantis turns to fact as Shirley Andrews synthesizes a wealth of information from more than one hundred classical and Atlantean scholars, scientists, and psychics to describe the country and its inhabitants. 

Review the scientific and geological evidence for an Atlantic continent, which refutes the popular notion that Atlantis was located in the Mediterranean. Follow the history of Atlantis from its beginnings to its destruction, and see a portrait of Atlantean society: its religion, architecture, art, medicine, and life style. Explore shamanism, the power of crystals, ancient techniques for health and healing, pyramid energy, ley lines, the influence of extraterrestrials and the origin of the occult sciences. Learn what happened to the survivors of Atlantis, where they migrated, and how the survivors and their descendants made their mark on cultures the world over.


Edgar Cayce on Atlantis – Edgar Evans Cayce 1988

Amazon Synopsis: Drawing on his readings, and placed within the context of reincarnation, Edgar Evans Cayce offers evidence of the civilization of Atlantis - showing how its achievements and failures directly relate to the conflict and confusion of today.


Edgar Cayce's Atlantis and Lemuria: The Lost Civilizations in the Light of Modern Discoveries - Frank Joseph 2001

Amazon Synopsis: Twenty-four centuries after Plato left us his intriguing remarks about Atlantis, Edgar Cayce began to talk, in an altered psychic state, about a lost civilization on Lemuria, Atlantis' Pacific precurser. Frank Joseph now takes a look, via archeology and other fields, at how modern discoveries are bolstering the idea that Atlantis and Lemuria really existed, the disturbing parallels between those civilizations and our own, and what those parallels may be telling us.

Gateway to Atlantis: The Search for the Source of a Lost Civilization - Andrew Collins 2000

Amazon Synopsis: A historian's investigation that may have solved one of humankind's greatest and most enduring mysteries: the location of the "Lost City" of Atlantis. More than 2,350 years ago Plato wrote of the fabulous island empire of Atlantis, which ruled the ocean as well as parts of the "opposite continent" - what we know today as the Americas - until the single "terrible day and night" that destroyed it in a storm of earthquakes and floods. For two millennia the fate of Atlantis has fascinated historians, philosophers, and explorers who have debated its reality and searched in vain for a kingdom shrouded in myth and legend. And now, after years of travel and research, Andrew Collins has gathered convincing evidence that may establish not only that Atlantis did indeed exist but also that remnants of it survive today.

Collins's journey into the past follows the clues left by Plato, and they take him far beyond Crete and the Mediterranean, where scholars in recent times have located Atlantis. So do mummies in Egypt, Roman wreckage in the West Atlantic, the African features of great stone heads in Mexico, and the explosion of a comet 10,500 years ago. Collins's final destination will shock the experts and amaze all readers.


The Lost Continent - Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne (Novel)

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Lost Continents - L. Sprague de Camp 1970

Amazon Synopsis: A leading authority examines the facts and fancies behind the Atlantis theme in history, science, and literature. Sources include the classical works from which Plato drew his proposal of the existence of an island continent, Sir Thomas More's Utopia, the Lemurian Continent theory, K. T. Frost's equation of Atlantis with Crete, and many other citations.


Mysteries of Atlantis - Douglas Richards, Edgar Evans Cayce & Gail Cayce Shwartzer 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Where Edgar Cayce predicted that evidence of the existence the lost civilization of Atlantis would be unearthed, new discoveries are being uncovered on a regular basis. In this updated edition. Experience the amazing journey to the waters of Bimini, to the hidden vaults of the Sphinx in search of new evidence that proves the existence of this ancient society lost in time. Using the wisdom of American visionary Edgar Cayce, the reader will discover shocking, new evidence about the destruction of Atlantis- and why striking parallels between our society and theirs could provide important lessons for our future. Now, armed with the psychic clues from Cayce and the latest findings from archeology, geology and anthropology, delve into one of the deepest mysteries of the human race and explore the mysteries of Atlantis.  


Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited - Douglas Richards, Edgar Evans Cayce & Gail Cayce Shwartzer 1997

Amazon Synopsis: An Ancient Society Lost in Time...

The lost civilization of Atlantis, one of the most enduring controversies of all time, has haunted scientists and occultists, philosophers and skeptics alike for centuries-- but no conclusive evidence has ever been found.

The Deepest Mysteries of the Human Race...

American visionary Edgar Cayce died before he could explain his own theories, but he referred to Atlantis hundreds of times in his remarkably accurate "life readings." Now, armed with Cayce's psychic clues and the latest findings from archaeology, geology, and anthropology, three scholars have traveled the world in search of proof.

The Adventure Begins...

From the hidden vaults beneath the Sphinx to the coastal waters of Bimini, join them on their amazing voyage as they explore the wisdom of Edgar Cayce and discover shocking new evidence about the destruction of Atlantis-- and why striking parallels between our society and theirs could provide important lessons for the future.


Ragnarok : the Age of Fire and Gravel - Ignatius Donnelly 1883

Ignatius Donnelly's research into a fiery cataclysm in Earth's history that caused the sinking of Atlantis.   Read online or download free  

Secrets & Mysteries of the World – Sylvia Browne 2005

Amazon Synopsis: For those of us who have always been fascinated by the unexplained—or inadequately explained—secrets and mysteries of this world, Sylvia Browne now brings her great insight.

Using a combination of information from her spirit guide Francine as well as her own incredible psychic powers, Sylvia augments current scientific research to provide us with detailed explanations about seeming inexplicable concepts.

From the Great Pyramid to Stonehenge, Sylvia reveals amazing facts about some of the world’s most mysterious sites. The truth behind sacred and controversial objects such as the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Grail are brought to light; and fascinating and mystifying topics such as crop circles, the Lost Continent of Atlantis, UFOs, Easter Island, and much more are examined and clarified.

Sylvia tears away the obscure and timeworn explanations that hide the underlying truths about these fascinating subjects.


The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria - W. Scott-Elliot 2007

Amazon Synopsis: The Story of Atlantis and The Lost Lemuria are two pieces by W. Scott-Elliot, a Theosophist and an associate of Madame H.P. Blavatsky and Henry Steele Olcott in the early days of the Theosophical Society. The Theosophists believed they were descendants of the Aryans, and that the Aryans had originally come from Atlantis.

Atlantis and Lemuria (also called Mu) were continents in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that were supposedly destroyed in great catastrophes in prehistoric days and sank beneath the sea. They were said to be highly advanced civilizations, capable of many things not possible in later days.

Scott-Elliot expands on the work of Ignatius Donelly, whose Atlantis, the Antediluvian World started the subsequent craze on the topic, and adds an imaginative Theosophic history of the Earth, including details of the Theosophic concept of human evolution and everyday life in old Atlantis and Lemuria.   Read online or download free

Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic - Thomas Wentworth Higginson 2007

Synopsis: Hawthorne in his Wonder Book has described the beautiful Greek myths and traditions, but no one has yet made similar use of the wondrous tales that gathered for more than a thousand years about the islands of the Atlantic deep. Although they are a part of the mythical period of American history, these hazy legends were altogether disdained by the earlier historians; indeed, George Bancroft made it a matter of actual pride that the beginning of the American annals was bare and literal. But in truth no national history has been less prosaic as to its earlier traditions, because every visitor had to cross the sea to reach it, and the sea has always been, by the mystery of its horizon, the fury of its storms, and the variableness of the atmosphere above it, the foreordained land of romance. -- Thomas Wentworth Higginson  Read online or Download Free

Timaeus and Critias – Plato 2009

Amazon Synopsis: Taking the form of dialogues between Socrates, Timaeus, Critias and Hermocrates, these two works are among Plato's final writings. In Timaeus, he gives a thorough account of the world in which we live, describing a cosmos composed of four elements earth, air, fire and water which combine to give existence to all things. An exploration of the origins of the universe, life and humanity, which outlines not just physical laws but also metaphysical and religious principles, it remained a paradigm of science for two thousand years. The mysterious preamble to Timaeus contains the first account in literature of Atlantis, while the fragmentary Critias, unfinished by its author, provides a spellbinding description of the lost continent's ideal society, which Critias asserts was created by the god-like children of Poseidon himself.


Unearthing Atlantis: An Archaeological Odyssey to the Fabled Lost Civilization - Charles R. Pellegrino 2001

Amazon Synopsis: It is one of humankind's most enduring myths. And now it is a fantasy no longer...

In the year 347 B.C., Plato wrote of a miraculous island with hot and cold flowing waters, terraced multi-storied buildings, and "the fairest of all plains." For thousands, of years, the legend of the mysterious vanished "continent" of Atlantis has captivated writers, poets, artists, philosophers, and dreamers. But now Atlantis has been found -- and the truth about its vibrant life and horrific destruction is even more remarkable than the myth.

Based on artifacts and evidence uncovered in an ancient buried Minoan city, noted scientist and New York Times-bestselling author bestselling author Charles Pellegrino reanimates an astounding lost civilization and re-creates with explosive power the apocalyptic cataclysm that destroyed their remarkable island metropolis. A brilliant synthesis of historical, literary, archaeological, and geological detective work, here is both the story of the astounding discovery that transformed tale into fact -- and a breathtakinq vision of Atlantis reborn.


When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis - Rand Flem-Ath 1997

Amazon Synopsis: The mystery of Atlantis the legendary advanced civilization described in ancient texts, has been solved at last. Scientific evidence, exciting new research, and the breakthrough discovery of an amazing Egyptian map prove without a doubt that this lost continent did exist...and reveal where its ruins can be found.

But the fascinating truth about Atlantis also leads to a chilling conclusion about the environmental catastrophe that destroyed it. Now you can find out how the forces that shattered the first great civilization on Earth can happen again, bringing the end of the world to us all!

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