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Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain Your Desires and Attract Success - Cynthia Sue Larson 2006

Amazon Synopsis: In answering the question: Can we improve our lives by changing our energy fields? Aura Advantage reveals the best-kept secret in science that we are energy. The book explores what an aura is and how it works. It also offers detailed guidance on how you can see and feel your aura, and how to strengthen and transform it, plus ways of attracting what you most desire, and how to protect yourself against what you least want.

Part Three provides several valuable aura meditations for everyday life. Explains all about the aura that shining presence each of you has surrounding you and what your aura tells about yourself. By the time you finish this book, you, too, will know what auras are, how to look for them, and be well on your way to seeing them. Fred Alan Wolf, featured in What the Bleep Do We Know and author of Taking the Quantum Leap


Aura Awareness: What Your Aura Says About You - C. E. Lindgren 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Everyone has an aura, or energy field, that surrounds their bodies. Your aura is an extension of who you are. You might actually consider it as your own personal playground. By becoming more aware of your aura, you can learn about yourself and grow in ways that most people cannot even imagine.

With the tools and exercises in this book, you will learn to see auras and gain a whole new way of looking at life! Aura Awareness includes information and photos demonstrating a new technology that can help healing practitioners measure subtle shifts in energy that appear in the aura. Known as Aura Imaging Photography, this technique produces a color print of the subject's upper body, surrounded by clouds of colors. Creator of the Aura Camera, Guy Coggins, says, "The Aura Camera does not 'see' auras, rather it perceives them electronically, using a computer program to transform measured energy impulses into an auric image."

Typically, the aura of a person in pain or discomfort will show a dark or muddy shade and appear close to the body. When the aura color shifts to the opposite or complimentary color, the person has most likely experienced a dramatic change or healing.


Aura Energy for Health, Healing and Balance - Joe H. Slate 1999

Amazon Synopsis: In his latest book, Dr. Joe H. Slate illustrates how each one of us has the power to see the aura, interpret it, and fine-tune it to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being. College students have used his techniques to raise their grade-point averages, gain admission to graduate programs, and eventually get the jobs they want. Now you can use his aura empowerment program to initiate an exciting new spiral of growth in all areas of your life.


Aura, Ki & Healing - Shojiro Sugiyama 2000

Amazon Synopsis: This book explains how to produce and project mental energy as external power and how to create a radar system for martial artists.

You may have experienced the feeling of being watched and when you looked around, you discovered that indeed someone had been watching you. You felt his intention with your sixth sense. This intention or desire is called Ki (Chi in Chinese), and it can be seen as an aura. Furthermore, you can make this power of desire, or Ki, stronger and use it as an external physical force.

If you can relax very deeply, you can be aware of things that you have never been aware of before. You can experience this external physical force. 

You will:

  1. gain a peaceful mind
  2. gain stronger motivation to do things
  3. use Ki as a human radar system to become more aware of your opponents
  4. strengthen your phyical power without building up bigger muscles
  5. be able to use Ki for healing


Aura Reading Through All Your Senses: Celestial Perception Made Practical - Rose Rosetree 2004

Amazon Synopsis: Yes, you can learn to read auras, in depth an detail.

Learn the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses. You can succeed at this method because it honors the gifts for Deeper Perception that you were born with. Learn what those gifts are. Then take advantage of over 100 techniques to bring those gifts alive.

Amazing discoveries will light up your life, as you improve your skills at reading the human energy field. As the dedication reads:

  • To those who are skeptical but curious,
  • To those who are curious but intimidated,
  • To those who are brilliant aura readers but don't know it yet.


Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colors - Edgar Cayce 1973

Amazon Synopsis: Edgar Cayce's little book of auras offers readers the results of a lifetime of observations and personal anecdotes relating to the meaning of auras, including the seven basic colors in the aura and how each is connected with a note on the musical scale, a planet in the solar system, and possibly health disorders. A fascinating account.


Auras: See Them in Only 60 seconds - Mark Smith 2002

Amazon Synopsis: That is a brave claim to make, especially in the title of a book. But it's true. When you practice the ten easy steps in this book, you will be able to quickly and easily see the aura. 

Mark Smith, the author of Auras: See Them in Only 60 Seconds! (previously published as In A New Light), has hosted numerous seminars on auric vision. Now you can learn ó in the safety, privacy, and comfort of your own home ó what he has refined over years of study, practice, and teaching. In just one minute you will be able to see auras. The appendix shows you the ten steps to develop your auric vision and make it stronger, and gives a special way for you to see your own aura.

Learning to see the mysterious glow that surrounds the body is just the first step. As you rapidly increase your abilities you will be able to see a wide range of colors in the aura. The colors provide an amazing amount of information about a person. You will learn how to interpret the aura to determine everything from the physical health level of a person to how charismatic that person is.

Breakthrough to Creativity: Your Higher Sense Perception - Shafica Karagulla 1967


Change Your Aura, Change Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power - Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis 2003

Amazon Synopsis: In this groundbreaking book, renowned aura expert Barbara Martin, known as "Mozart of Metaphysics," gently leads the reader through her highly effective technique for improving the aura - a technique she has taught to thousands of people with astonishing results.

Edgar Cayce on Auras and Colors – Kevin J. Todeschi and Carol Ann Liaros 2012

Amazon Synopsis: For the late psychic Edgar Cayce, the aura provided a pictorial representation of an individual’s health, thoughts, talents, and life potentials as well as karmic lessons and even past lives. In a very real sense, the aura functions as a barometer of the whole self—body, mind, and spirit. Psychic Carol Ann Liaros and Cayce expert Kevin J. Todeschi have joined together to present a unique volume that teaches you to access your intuitive self in order to see these auras and colors and then goes on to explain their meaning as based on the well-documented readings of Edgar Cayce. Their work explores colors and the human aura in a way that provides practical tools for understanding that can be applied in your own life right now.


Energy Medicine - David Feinstein 1999

Amazon Synopsis: The illustrated, practical guide to using energy medicine.


Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis - James L. Oschman 2000

Amazon Synopsis: This book, written by a well-known scientist with a background in biophysics and biology brings together evidence from a range of disciplines to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all therapies. It addresses a growing interest in the field of mind-body medicine and the role of natural "energy forces" within the body in maintaining normal health and wellbeing. This in turn has lead to interest in how these energies or forces may be channeled to assist in healing and the restoration of normal health.

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field - Barbara Ann Brennan 1988

Amazon Synopsis: With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with fifteen years of professional experience observing 5,000 clients and students, Barbara Ann Brennan presents the first in-depth study of the human energy field for people who seek happiness, health and their full potential.

Our physical bodies exist within a larger "body," a human energy field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experience of reality, including health and illness. It is through this energy field that we have the power to heal ourselves.

This energy body -- only recently verified by scientists, but long known to healers and mystics -- is the starting point of all illness. Here, our most powerful and profound human interactions take place, the precursor and healer of all physiological and emotional disturbances.

Hands of Light is your guide to a new wholeness. It offers:

  • A new paradigm for the human, in health, relationship, and disease
  • An understanding of how the human energy field looks, functions, is disturbed, healed, and interacts with friends and lovers.
  • Training in the ability to see and interpret auras
  • Medically verified case studies of healing people from all walks of life with a variety of illnesses.
  • Guidelines for healing the self and others.
  • The author's personal and intriguing life adventure which gives us a model for growth, courage and possibilities for expanded consciousness

Healing with Color and Light: Improve Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health - Theo Gimbel 1994

Amazon Synopsis: The founder of England's Hygeia College of Color Therapy explains how to employ color as a healing tool. Through this beautifully illustrated guide, readers will find easy-to-use techniques for improving mental, physical, and spiritual health. 40 color and 23 black-and-white photographs throughout.

Healing with the rainbow rays: The art of color energy therapy - Alijandra 1995

Amazon Synopsis: This innovative book presents new information, not previously introduced to the masses on the use of color energy healing involving not merely physically applied color, but energetically produced color

The Human Aura: Astral Colors and Thought Forms - William Walker Atkinson

Read online or download free

Human Aura - Walter J. Kilner 2003 Amazon

Synopsis: The author emphasizes his discovery is physical, not based on the occult. Kilner's findings are based on years of patient experiment and considerable supporting evidence. Contents: The aura of healthy persons; etheric double; inner aura; optical problems; effects of the different forces upon the aura; complementary colors; outer aura in disease; inner aura in disease; use of the complementary colored bands in disease; aura during pregnancy. Also contains 64 illustrations.

Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness - Valerie V. Hunt 1996

The Kirlian Aura: Photographing the Galaxies of Life - Ph.D. Stanley Krippner 1974

Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing - Barbara Ann Brennan 1993

Amazon Synopsis: Barbara Ann Brennan's bestselling first book, Hands of Light, established her as one of the world's most gifted healers and teachers. Now, she continues her ground-breaking exploration of the human energy field, or aura -- the source of our experience of health or illness. Drawing on many new developments in her teaching and practice, she shows how we can be empowered as both patients and healers to understand and work with our most fundamental healing power: the light that emerges from the very center of our humanity. In a unique approach that encourages a cooperative effort among healer, patient, and other health-care providers, Light Emerging explains what the healer perceives visually, audibly, and kinesthetically and how each of us can participate in every stage of the healing process. Presenting a fascinating range of research, from a paradigm of healing based on the science of holography to insights into the "hara level" and the "core star," Light Emerging is at the leading edge of healing practice in our time.

The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense & Well-Being: The Energized Aura - Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips 1983

Amazon Synopsis: Deliberate psychic attack is very rare. However, your psyche is constantly under attack from friends and strangers, advertisers and politicians who want to manipulate you. Luckily, there is a solution—Denning and Phillips'' The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense.

The best way to overcome attacks on your psyche is through awareness that they are occurring. This requires you to become more awake and alert to this bombardment. Part of the technique is to understand how this attempted manipulation works. By studying this book you will gain that knowledge. The result is that the psychological intimidation that has been used on you in the past will no longer control you.

This book reveals that your aura is your best line of defense. By using the exercises in this book to strengthen your aura, any such unintentional psychic attack will easily be dispelled and discharged.

Subtle Energy: Awakening to the Unseen Forces in Our Lives - William Collinge 1998

Amazon Synopsis: In this unique and revelatory guide, the author of "The American Holistic Health Association Complete Guide to Alternative Medicine" shows how the forces related to ancient mystical, religious, and medical traditions are responsible for such phenomena as love at first sight and encountering long-lost friends shortly after thinking about them.

Your Aura & Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual - Karla McLaren 1998

Amazon Synopsis: A clear and comprehensive text for the restoration and maintenance of your subtle energy system. McLaren, who has worked with survivors of abuse and trauma, shows how to clear the chakras of old hurts and to cleanse and strengthen the aura for protection against invasive energy. Bibliography. Index.

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