Books about Biorhythms

Awareness: Biorhythms, Sleep, and Dreaming - Evie Bentley 1999

Amazon Synopsis: An accessible description of sleep and dreaming and the daily and seasonal rhythms that our bodies are subject to.

Bio-Rhythm: A Personal Science – Bernard Gittelson 1996

Amazon Synopsis: The computerized study of biological clocks is an established scientific discipline. It forecasts when you will be at your best and worst, helping you prepare for the unpredictability of life. Through clear, comprehensive explanations and instructions, this guide provides details on how biorhythms can help alleviate emotional stress, biorhythm charts for the next three years, compatibility tables that explain the important role biorhythms play in personal relationships, and more.

Biorhythm Booklet

This booklet will give you a basic understanding of Biorhythms.Free PDF

Biorhythm: Discovering Your Natural Ups and Downs - Pauline C. Bartel 1978

The Biorhythm Kit: Plan for the Ups and Downs in Your Life - Jacyntha Crawley 1996

Amazon Synopsis: Have you ever noticed that on some days you don't get anything right, while on others everything goes swimmingly well? Use the Biorhythm wheel and this book to work out your own body cycles and manage your life more effectively. Full instructions are given on how to use the wheel and to chart your own Biorhythms and others.

Biorhythms at your Fingertips - James Roche

The Body Clock Diet: The Easy Weight Loss Plan That Works Your Body's Natural Biorhythms Paperback – Lyndel Costain 2005

Amazon Synopsis: Did you know that eating the right foods at the right time of day can optimize your chance of successful weight loss? Lyndel Costain, a registered dietician and respected food writer, shows how to coordinate your food intake with the energy-controlling cycle of your body. Her revolutionary plan, complete with 20 delicious recipes, works like no other diet, because it's linked to your biological clock-and the more you stay in harmony with your own natural biorhythms, the easier it is to control your weight. The Body Clock Diet also improves digestion, appetite, energy levels, and mood. Now is the right time for everyone to get on an eating plan that's synchronized with the body's needs and cravings-naturally.

Is This Your Day? How Biorhythm Helps You Determine Your Life Cycles - George S Thommen 1973

Psychological Time and Mental Illness - Matthew Edlund 1987

About our biological processes and how proper or improper rest can affect them. Related but not directly about Biorhythms.

Rhythm in Psychological, Linguistic, and Musical Processes - James R. Evans 1986

Surf Your Biowaves: Use Your Biorhythms to Ensure Greater Success - Peter West 2000

Amazon Synopsis: With this book, one can calculate personal biograms and use them to improve the way one responds to the opportunities that life has to offer. By locking on to the rhythms which they demonstrate and becoming aware of the key dates they produce, one gains more control over the best timing for decision-making and planning or action. And there are many examples where the use of the biorhythm tool has resulted in phenomenal personal success.

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