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The Book of Chakras: Discover the Hidden Forces Within You - Ambika Wauters 2002

Amazon Synopsis: Understanding chakras is an effective first step in harnessing every human being's hidden life-changing energies and employing inner powers for spiritual and physical healing. The word chakra originated with the Vedic teachings of ancient India. It comes from the Sanskrit word for "wheel of light," and denotes the energy centers that exist in every man and woman. The Book of Chakras explores the nature of these energy sources, explains where they dwell in each of us, and instructs on how to use them. The author identifies seven energy centers in the human body.

The Root Chakra, located in the lower torso, anchors us in life. From that point on the rising ladder of love and healing, we become aware of the Sacral Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Brow or Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. The last, the Crown Chakra, located in the head, is the most refined and spiritual center in the human energy system. Chakra teachings describe seven bodies that make up every person's aura.

They are the Physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental, Divine, Spiritual, and Soul bodies. Chakra teachings say that each of these bodies vibrates in ways that are allied to the colors of the universe. However, only one of these bodies, the Physical, is visible. When we understand these bodies in detail, we become able to correct chakra imbalances and harness our powers for peaceful and productive living. The author advises on ways of restoring balances, healing through the power of thought, and employing colors, sounds, crystals, acupuncture, and other means. More than 300 color illustrations.

The Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Chakra Energy - Patricia Mercier 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Chakras are the centers of energy in our body that profoundly affect our well-being. Through this exquisitely designed volume, newcomers to this alternative form of spirituality can understand every aspect of chakra power. In addition to an illuminating introduction, a detailed guide covers each chakra, with their associated colors, Indian deity, healing stone, and emotional and physical actions.

One by one, go through the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown chakras, as well as some newly discovered ones and chakras from different traditions. There’s also invaluable information on connecting chakras with aura reading and healing, and yoga exercises and meditations to strengthen each chakra.

Chakra Deck - Olivia H. Miller 2004

Amazon Synopsis: Eastern cultures have long attributed well-being to the balancing of one's chakras -- or vital energy centers within the body -- through yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. This deck, by the author of the best-selling Yoga Deck introduces the seven major chakras -- Root, Sacral, Navel Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Learn how they affect your overall state of being and how to balance chakras that have become blocked or overloaded.

CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life - Harriette Knight 2008

Amazon Synopsis: Whether you are a beginner or deep into your spiritual practice, CHAKRA POWER! offers numerous tips and tools to fire up your energy centers so you can feel healthier, happier, and more alive! Find out what your chakras do, and how they affect every aspect of your life. By following the tips and exercises in this book you will have the tools you need to become more intuitive, balanced, and fulfilled. BONUS! 'ABALONE TO ZIRCON:The Meanings of the Stones You Wear' reveals the definitions of over 50 gemstones, their healing properties, and the chakras they affect. A perfect gift for your Mind, Body, and Spirit! The journey to transform your life begins now!

Chakras for Beginners - Naomi Ozaniec 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Originally published in 1994, this guide explains that chakras are energy centres of spiritual power found within the body, the seven major chakras relating to health and well-being, healing, psychic abilities and all spiritual growth. The book contains exercises to give practice in working with chakras.

Crystal Healing: The Practical Guide to Using Crystals for Health and Well-Being - Sue Lilly 2010

Amazon Synopsis: Based on the theory that every crystal has a unique vibrational resonance, Crystal Healing show how these powerful gems can balance the body's energy systems and enhance our spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Best-selling authors Simon and Sue Lilly provide 25 “layouts”-formations for placing crystals on or near the body-as well as advice on wearing crystals against the skin; using them in meditation, visualization, or reflexology; and even placing them around the home to encourage the flow of positive energy. A directory covers the uses of 100 different crystals.

Exploring Chakras: Awaken Your Untapped Energy - Susan G. Shumsky 2003

Amazon Synopsis: Until now, much of the wisdom contained in this book has been locked in secret hiding places in the forests and caves of India and Tibet. This book uncovers these new understandings about the subtle energy field. Kundalini shakti is a mysterious, dormant, potent force within the body that, when awakened, can bring spiritual enlightenment. This provides easy, step-by-step methods to help you begin to gently awaken your kundalini energy in a safe, reliable, and systematic way. These meditations, yoga postures, and yoga breathing methods are traditional, reliable, field-proven practices.

By reading this valuable book, you will:

  • Discover your subtle body and energy field.
  • Learn about prana and how it functions in your body, mind, and spirit. o Gain understanding of kundalini energy and the chakra system.
  • Learn to heal blockages in your subtle body.
  • Learn to maintain health of your energy field. o Empower yourself as a multidimensional being.

Going Within – Shirley MacLaine 1990

Amazon Synopsis: At last Shirley MacLaine reveals the secrets of her intimate journey of transformation. In three international bestsellers, Out on a Limb, Dancing in the Light, and It's All in the Playing, multi-talented Shirley MacLaine described her own ongoing spiritual journey in search of inner harmony and self-transcendence. Now this celebrated actress, social activist, and outspoken thinker shares an enlightened program of spiritual techniques and mental exercises to become healthier, happier, and more attuned to the natural harmony of the world around-and within-ourselves.

In Going Within Shirley MacLaine answers many of the most challenging and important questions she has been asked about her experiences in seminars and interviews she has conducted from coast to coast. Transformation is at heart of her profound and inspiring message-the power to shape our lives, to find inner peace and awareness, and to reach highest potential in relationships, at work, and at home.

Candid, often controversial, and always courageous, Shirley MacLaine opens the doors to an irresistible journey of discovery and revelation. By going within, she shows us how to reach a new level of love and harmony, reduce stress, release fear, and discover the joys of a new-and better-way of living. Use light, sound, crystals, and visualizations to increase your personal energy. Explore the power of meditation to align body, mind, and spirit. Understand and communicate with your hidden self. Learn the secrets of sexual fulfillment in a new age of commitment. Experience the stunning mysteries of psychic surgery and much more!

Innersource: Channeling Your Unlimited Self – Kathleen Vande Kieft

Book Jacket: Channeling, the ability to make a contact with nonmaterial realities, has usually been associated with the few gifted individuals who practice it on a large scale - until now. Innersource teaches you how to connect with your higher self and your spirit guides, and to tap into the huge storehouse of power, information, and intuition that's available for the asking.

  • Strengthen your psychic energies and meet your inner guides
  • Gain valuable information through channeled writing
  • Program your dreams to enhance your waking life
  • Resolve conflicts in your personal relationships
  • Use dozens of exercises - from meditation to visualization to affirmations - to dissolve problems, awaken creativity, and more!

The Pursuit of Happiness: Integrating the Chakras For Complete Harmony by David Pond 2008

Amazon Synopsis: David Pond, author of the bestselling Chakras for Beginners, offers unique and easy-to-follow guidance for experiencing true happiness in your life.

In this book on wellness, Pond describes all seven dimensions from which we experience life—our physical identity, emotions, willpower, heart center, thought patterns and intuition, imagination, and spirituality—and gives practical methods for developing and integrating each of these aspects. When you are fully engaged at each level of your being, you gain a multidimensional awareness that serves as a powerful source of strength and hope.

Compatible with any spiritual path, this holistic perspective helps you create a richer and more fulfilling life, from overcoming everyday challenges to finding your life’s work to becoming a better partner and friend.

The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Chakras - Anodea Judith 1993

Amazon Synopsis: Combining yoga, psychotherapy, movement, and ritual, the authors weave ancient and modern wisdom into a powerful tapestry of techniques for facilitating personal growth, healing, and transformation. Based on their popular Nine-Month Chakra workshops, THE SEVENFOLD JOURNEY provides a step-by-step approach to healing and balancing one's life using contemporary psychotherapeutic techniques, yoga, bioenergetics, journal exercises, meditation, dance, and ritual.

The 7 Healing Chakras: Unlocking Your Body's Energy Centers by Brenda Davies MD 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Both practical and inspirational, The 7 Healing Chakras is a voyage of self-discovery that shows people how to achieve their full potential. Introducing the chakras, vortices of energy that connect the physical body with the spiritual, Dr. Brenda Davies follows a clear path through the seven power centers - each characterized by a different color - from the red-colored root chakra near the base of the spine to the white crown chakra at the top of the head.

Exploring the significance of each chakra, the author offers personal guidance and leads the reader in a series of exercises and meditations to unblock each energy channel and clear the psychological, emotional, and spiritual debris of the past. She combines her training as a psychiatrist with ancient methods of healing to provide the tools needed to take charge of mental and physical well-being.

Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras: With Light, Color, Sound, Crystals, and Aromatherapy - Joy Gardner 2006

Amazon Synopsis: Every life form is made up of vibrations that coincide with the harmonic frequency to which all life is attuned. The vibrations of the body easily go out of tune when a person is exposed to physical or emotional stress. VIBRATIONAL HEALING THROUGH THE CHAKRAS provides the most up-to-date information on the use of vibrational tools such as crystals, aromas, sounds, bodywork, and homeopathy to help the body remember its own healthy harmonic resonance.

Author Joy Gardner offers this in-depth look at vibrational healing for people interested in improving their own health and well-being, as well as those who want to become practitioners of this gentle art. Explore how to use vibrations to release old dysfunctional patterns in the body-mind and replace them with new patterns that resonate with the body's own healthy frequencies.

An in-depth resource guide to using vibrational tools at the chakra points to heal the body and mind. Includes a detailed explanation of chakras and the human energy field and how to heal with a variety of tools including colors, crystals, aromatherapy, and light. Joy Gardner's books have sold over 175,000 copies.

Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System - Anodea Judith 1987

Amazon Synopsis: As portals between the physical and spiritual planes, the chakras offer unparalleled opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation. Anodea Judith’s classic introduction to the chakra system, which has sold over 200,000 copies, has been completely updated and expanded. It includes revised chapters on relationships, evolution, and healing, and a new section on raising children with healthy chakras.

Wheels of Life takes you on a powerful journey through progressively transcendent levels of consciousness. View this ancient metaphysical system through the light of new metaphors, ranging from quantum physics to child development. Learn how to explore and balance your own chakras using poetic meditations and simple yoga movements—along with gaining spiritual wisdom, you’ll experience better health, more energy, enhanced creativity, and the ability to manifest your dreams.

Your Aura & Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual - Karla McLaren 1998

Amazon Synopsis: A clear and comprehensive text for the restoration and maintenance of your subtle energy system. McLaren, who has worked with survivors of abuse and trauma, shows how to clear the chakras of old hurts and to cleanse and strengthen the aura for protection against invasive energy. Bibliography. Index.

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