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A Search for God, Book 1 - Association for Research and Enlightenment 1992

Amazon Synopsis: In 1931, Edgar Cayce agreed to help a group of people grow spiritually and become more psychic, with one condition: They would have to live the precepts. It took the group eleven years to apply and compile the twenty-four lessons that became A Search for God, Books I and II. This material has helped individuals and groups around the world to discover a closer attunement to God.


A Search for God, Book 2 – Association for Research and Enlightenment 1950

Amazon Synopsis: In 1931, Edgar Cayce agreed to help a group of people grow spiritually and become more psychic, with one condition: They would have to live the precepts. It took the group eleven years to apply and compile the twenty-four lessons that became A Search for God, Books I and II. This material has helped individuals and groups around the world to discover a closer attunement to God.


Communion with God – Neale Donald Walsch 2002

Amazon Synopsis: In 1992, Neale Donald Walsch—depressed, in poor health, unhappy with his life—wrote an angry letter to God. His frustrated questions—What does it take to make life work? What have I done to deserve a life of such continuing struggle?—poured out onto a yellow legal pad. Before he was through, his pen stayed suspended over the paper, and a reply was whispered into his mind by a voiceless voice: "Do you really want an answer to all these questions, or are you just venting?"

So began an uncommon conversation—a powerful, inspiring dialogue between God and man that has touched the minds, hearts, lives, and souls of millions of people around the world.

Communion with God is the latest in a series of books chronicling Walsch's extraordinary experience.


Conversations with God Book 1 – Neale Donald Walsch 1995

Synopsis: At a low point in life, Neale Donald Walsch wrote God a letter venting his frustrations. After he finished, he continued writing and out came the answers to his questions! Here the author reads his questions, and two noted actors contribute spirited performances as the voice of God.


Conversations with God Book 2 – Neale Donald Walsch 1997

Amazon Synopsis: Resuming the dialogue where Book 1 left off, Conversations with God, Book 2 moves from personal issues to more global and political concerns. Included are questions about the nature of time and space and human sexuality, as well as geophysical and geopolitical considerations of worldwide implication.


Conversations with God Book 3 – Neale Donald Walsch 1998

Amazon Synopsis: The sequel to the bestselling Books One and Two of "Conversations with God", this powerful and inspirational dialogue expands as readers enter into an adventurous exploration of life, gain a better understanding of the universe, and fully develop a personal relationship with God.


Father God: Co-Creator to Mother God – Sylvia Browne 2006

Amazon Synopsis: In this follow-up to her marvelous book, Mother God, Sylvia gives us many insights into our often-misunderstood Father God and the viewpoints about Him. From His history as put forth by humankind in the early days of organized religion to how we view Him today, Sylvia reveals His true attributes in a logical and truthful manner to give us a better understanding of our Father in heaven. Using her uncanny psychic skills and her ability to communicate with the Other Side, Sylvia dispels many of the false and traditional beliefs about the Father God and helps us to embrace Him more deeply and fully.

Sylvia helps us see Father God in a different way . . . one in which everyone can gain a deeper understanding and love for this often-maligned Entity. If anyone wants to commune more closely with their Creator and to share His unmitigated and unconditional love, this fascinating book is the answer . . .  for it not only shows us Sylvia’s tremendous insight and love for Him, but  also tells us how we can enjoy that same intimacy in our everyday lives. In her own indomitable style, Sylvia again shows us that she goes against many conventional beliefs in presenting a God that is truly all-loving, merciful, and forgiving . . . one Whom she has dedicated her life and work to in what she would say is . . . “a labor of love.”

God at Eventide - Two Listeners

Synopsis: The second daily devotional book written by the Two Listeners. They say that they did not write the book, that the words were given to them by Jesus, himself. Their communication with Him began when they decided to take a scripture as a literal promise from Him - "Where two or more are gathered together in my name, I am with them." They met regularly, with this promise in mind and two books are the result, God Calling and God at Eventide.   Read online


God Calling - Two Listeners

Editor's Synopsis: There is a legend that the praise for building the Cathedral of St. Sofia was not given to the Emperor Constantine but to Euphrasia, a poor widow who drew from her mattress "a wisp of straw and gave it to the oxen" that draw the marble from the ships.  That was all, she did nothing more.

Not one woman, but two have written this book; and they seek no praise.  They have elected to remain anonymous and to be called "Two Listeners."  But the claim which they make is an astonishing one, that their message has been given to them, today, here in England, by the Living Christ Himself.

Having read their book I believe them.

I do not of course believe that He whispered to them all that He intends to say for this generation.  But I am confident that He opened their eyes to many things which they and this generation greatly need to know.

I do not believe in the verbal inspiration of this or any book.  But I do believe that these two women have been led and that much of what is written is very clear leading indeed.

I have found these messages a spiritual stimulus.  But that statement is as inadequate as to say that I like England.  None could have written this book unless he or she was a Christian and in touch with the Living Founder of Christianity.   Read online


God, Creation and Tools for Life – From the Journey of the Soul Series – Book 1 – Sylvia Browne 2000

Book Jacket: Does God exist? Was the world created, or did it evolve? Where am I in the big picture of the universe? Most people have asked these questions, but have no clear answers. However, renowned psychic Sylvia Brown does, and in this fascinating book, she shares her 40 years of investigation into these issues. Drawing from thousands of research sessions with Francine, Sylvia’s spirit guide, along with Sylvia’s own understanding of a number of riveting topics that are pertinent to humanity as a whole, you will have access to information that is mentally profound, spiritually moving, and eminently logical.


God In All Worlds: An Anthology of Contemporary Spiritual Writing – Lucinda Vardey 1996

Amazon Synopsis: Spanning fifty years and representing traditions from Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism to Gaia worship and New Age beliefs, this bountiful anthology forms an inclusive map of the spiritual journey and its landmarks. Its twenty-two chapters describe prayer and meditation, the power of myth, the Mother goddess and the Cosmic Christ, the struggle with evil, the gifts of love and grace, and the awe-filled encounter with a divine Other that is intensely personal yet has the capacity to transform the world.

God in All Worlds includes the work of some of the great religious thinkers of our century--Krishnamurti, Paul Tillich, Martin Buber, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa. But among its more than one-hundred contributors are also poets (Allen Ginsberg, Maya Angelou), novelists (Flannery O'Connor), activists (Mahatma Gandhi, Vaclav Havel), psychologists (Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow), feminists (Germaine Greer, Robin Morgan), naturalists (Barry Lopez), and physicists (Albert Einstein, Fritjof Capra). The result is a book of dazzling breadth and insight that will inspire, console, enlighten, and renew readers for years to come.


How to Know God: The Soul's Journey into the Mystery of Mysteries  – Deepak Chopra 2001

Amazon Synopsis: You don't have to believe in God in order to experience God. --- Deepak Chopra

The celebrated author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has written his most ambitious and important work yet, a runaway international bestseller that has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers to rethink their concept of God.

According to Chopra, the brain is hardwired to know God. The human nervous system has seven biological responses that correspond to seven levels of divine experience. These are shaped not by any one religion (they are shared by all faiths), but by the brain's need to take an infinite, chaotic universe and find meaning in it. How to Know God describes the quest each of us is on, whether we realize it or not. For, as Chopra puts it, "God is our highest instinct to know ourselves." This book makes a dramatic and enduring contribution to that knowledge.


On Being God: Beyond Your Life's Purpose - Carl Bozeman 2009

Amazon Synopsis: In Carl Bozeman’s profound and deeply compelling On Being God: Beyond Your Life’s Purpose, the author reveals an experience that changed his life and led to the inspiring revelations so beautifully described in his book. Bozeman puts forth the convincing belief that we are not a composite of the people and events and experiences beginning at birth, rather we are the “now” and endowed with such creative energy as to make each of us a god. Knowing this, and fully recognizing what exists within us "our own power and our knowledge: will direct us beyond the mundane and into the realm of embracing our infinite and divine nature. Only then can we recognize that what we perceive as our reality is, in truth, only a small part of what and who we are. Accepting this true and exquisite authenticity will bring purpose and joy into our lives.


Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita - Ram Dass 2005

Amazon Synopsis:World-renowned philosopher and spiritual teacher Ram Dass—author of the groundbreaking classic Be Here Now—presents the contemporary Western audience with a lively, accessible guide to the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the classic Hindu text that has been called the ultimate instruction manual for living a spiritual life.


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