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Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Autobiography of a Yogi is at once a beautifully written account of an exceptional life and a profound introduction to the ancient science of Yoga and its time-honored tradition of meditation. This acclaimed autobiography presents a fascinating portrait of one of the great spiritual figures of our time. The quality paperback edition offered here includes a bonus CD, The Voice of Paramahansa Yogananda, featuring excerpts from the Self-Realization Fellowship Collector's Series of rare recorded talks by Paramahansa Yogananda, and includes 80 quality archival photographs.

With engaging candor, eloquence, and wit, Paramahansa Yogananda tells the inspiring chronicle of his life: the experiences of his remarkable childhood, encounter with many saints and sages during his youthful search throughout India for an illumined teacher, ten years of training in the hermitage of a revered yoga master, and the thirty years that he lived and taught in America. Also recorded here are his meetings with Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Luther Burbank, the Catholic stigmatist Therese Neumann, and other celebrated spiritual personalities of East and West. The author clearly explains the subtle but definite laws behind both the ordinary events of everyday life and the extraordinary events commonly termed miracles. His absorbing life story becomes the background for a penetrating and unforgettable look at the ultimate mysteries of human existence. Selected as One of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century, Autobiography of a Yogi has been translated into 20 languages, and is regarded worldwide as a classic of religious literature. Several million copies have been sold, and it continues to appear on best-seller lists after more than sixty consecutive years in print. Profoundly inspiring, it is at the same time vastly entertaining, warmly humorous and filled with extraordinary personages. Self-Realization Fellowship's editions, and none others, include extensive material added by the author after the first edition was published, including a final chapter on the closing years of his life. Read online or download


Beyond the Superconscious Mind - Avadhutika Anandamitra Acarya


Buddhic Consciousness (Pamphlet) - C.W. Leadbeater

Synopsis: Talks about levels of consciousness. May be of help to some people if you can get past the different concept names. PDF

The Christ Blueprint: 13 Keys To Christ Consciousness - Padma Aon Prakasha

Synopsis: While traveling in the remote Camargue region in the South of France, Padma Aon Prakasha received a life-changing visit. In a series of communions over two months, the thirteen Apostles and masters of Christ shared the thirteen qualities of Christ Consciousness with him. Now Prakasha shares this Christ Blueprint with readers, which is a continuum of the highest ideals of Indian, Egyptian, Tibetan, and Judeo-Christian sacred traditions. These teachings present ancient wisdom for the twenty-first century and give equal attention to male and female principles as the face of divinity.

The Christ Blueprint reveals the path to opening our hearts by accessing the many facets of Christ Consciousness, enabling readers to live their heart’s desire, from finding soul mates to living in peace, love, and joy. Spiritual topics and their guides range from Holy Desire (Mary Magdalene), Humility (Paramahansa Yogananda), and Compassion (Kwan Yin) to Power (Lady Ishtar), Divine Will (Prophet Elijah), and Polarity (Lucifer The Light Bearer). Including practices and an examination of the shadow side of each element that makes up our divinity, The Christ Blueprint offers practical insights and exercises, not just inspiration, for leading a more peaceful and integrated life.


Christ Consciousness: A Path of Inner Development - Danielle Van Dijk 2010

Amazon Synopsis: We live in a world characterized by intolerance, war, environmental degradation, and economic collapse. By contrast, is it possible to build a society in which tolerance, love, and peace are the abiding principles? In this positive and inspiring book, van Dijk shows how, beginning with our personal development, we can contribute to such a new and transformed world. She describes how we can develop a universal spiritual consciousness--what she calls "Christ Consciousness."

The author emphasizes that the Christian mysteries took place on the physical plane, distinguishing with great clarity between Jesus as a human being, the incarnation of Christ on Earth, and the Cosmic Christ. She builds bridges between the spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner, the Nag Hammadi writings, and the gospels of Mary Magdalene and Judas, culminating in a comprehensive and wide-ranging picture of the Christ. By gaining insight into the nature of Christ's being and undertaking practical exercises described here, each of us can achieve the new Christ Consciousness.

In ancient times, selected individuals underwent rites of initiation in secret mystery schools. Any student who made public the knowledge obtained there was put to death. In our time, however, the spiritual mysteries have become open and available to all. Initiation, van Dijk tells us, involves "walking the inner path to all-embracing love, which is known in Gnostic and esoteric lore as Christ, the highest divine Being," leading to sublime, cosmic-orientated consciousness that comes into existence when the higher self exists wholly within the individual human being.


The Christ Consciousness - Norman Paulsen 2002

Amazon Synopsis: Within each one of us exists the consciousness that can change this world, and ourselves, in a positive way. Each one of us has the ability to establish communication with this Christ Consciousness, the very mind of God.

This is the story of one man's journey and discovery of this consciousness, as well as of the forces that oppose it. Although negativity may surround us, and the fate of our planet seems to hang in the balance, each one of us can truly make a difference in the direction that it takes.

The time is now for all true seekers to make that journey, to meet and know the Creator of all that exists, I Am That I Am, and to allow Christ Consciousness to emerge from within us and change our lives forever.


Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind - Richard Maurice Bucke 2010

Amazon Synopsis: 2010 Reprint of 1905 edition.This work is the magnum opus of Bucke's career, a project that he researched and wrote over many years. In it, Bucke described his own experience, that of contemporaries (most notably Whitman, but also unknown figures like "C.P."), and the experiences and outlook of historical figures including Buddha, Jesus, Paul, Plotinus, Muhammad, Dante, Francis Bacon, and William Blake.

Bucke developed a theory involving three stages in the development of consciousness: the simple consciousness of animals; the self-consciousness of the mass of humanity (encompassing reason, imagination, etc.); and cosmic consciousness - an emerging faculty and the next stage of human development. Among the effects of this progression, he believed he detected a lengthy historical trend in which religious conceptions and theologies had become less and less fearful. A classic work.   Read Online

The Conscious, Unconscious, and Super-Conscious Mind - Gurdip Hari 2005

Amazon Synopsis: The human mind has baffled historians, psychologists, and philosophers from time immemorial. Whether throughout diverse cultures or a family living under the same roof, one fact remains: No two minds are alike. Join Gurdip Hari as he takes us on a journey through The Conscious, Unconscious and Super-Conscious Mind and leads us to our destination: super-consciousness. He takes us through the process of healing and understanding the inner child and explains why ego is our major obstacle. He urges us to live in the present, our most precious moment, and provides a deep insight into Religion, Love, and Marriage. Most important, he explains the role of meditation in accomplishing our goals and leading us to the super-conscious state, which, as he says, is our ‘Heritage’.


The Eye of the Super-Conscious Mind - Lois E. Long 2007

Amazon Synopsis: This book - written to steer a misguided people into the millennium with a heightened awareness and a definitive purpose - is a must read. It delivers a powerful message of self-help. Welcome to The Eye of the Super-Conscious Mind. Finally, a work that speaks to our emotions. This book dares to give a peek inside the uncharted course of feelings, or perhaps more aptly described - the battle of the emotions. In it we see how we are led by the physicality of our emotions. Unbridled, they have caused many to falter and not realize their true potential. This body of work tells the real story of how perceptions of reality mislead the majority of the unenlightened. It gives us a guide for unleashing our Higher Spirit in the search for enlightenment. Use this book as a roadmap down the path few have followed - to the depths of the super-conscious mind.


Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self – Henry Reed 19

Amazon Synopsis: In a never-before-published Edgar Cayce title, Henry Reed shows readers how to discover the hidden powers of their minds and souls. An illuminating work that takes readers on a journey to the most important realm of the human spirit.


Edgar Cayce On Mysteries of the Mind – Henry Reed 1989

Synopsis: A "must read" to understand the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds and how the individual can utilize their advantages. contains information on visualization, entering altered states, from premonitions to increasing your willpower and understanding your dreams.


Handbook to Higher Consciousness - Ken Keyes Jr 1993

Amazon Synopsis: This perennial bestseller is more popular than ever and has helped countless people experience dramatic changes in their lives from the time they begin applying the simple, effective techniques.   Free PDF


Mind of God - Elwin L. House 1998

Contents: Jesus, the Conscious Mind of God; The Father, the Subconscious Mind of God; The Holy Spirit, The Superconscious Mind of God.


Our Superconscious Mind - Edith Sophy Balfour Lyttelton 2010


Path to Higher Consciousness - Kelly Roberts

Google Books: Step-by-step techniques and easy to understand methods on training psychic and intuitive abilities. Includes instruction on: clairvoyance, telepathy, dream interpretation, past life regression, plus much more. Written by Dr. Kelly Roberts, professional psychic to law enforcement and private clientele, author and publisher.

Pathway to God-Consciousness - Goswami Kriyananda 1993

Amazon Synopsis: Originally written as a series of letters to close disciples, this text presents sixteen practical lessons for the soul seeking enlightenment. An inspiring introduction to the system of Kriya Yoga, each chapter focuses on a specific aspect of the spiritual journey: study, direction, self-discipline, healing and keeping the body healthy, balancing the emotions, quieting the mind, and expanding the horizon of awareness. Guidelines and self-help questions in each chapter enable readers to put these powerful teachings into daily practice.


Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness – Deepak Chopra

Synopsis: This book is Deepak Chopra’s take on the questions we all ask ourselves, as well as the ones we would ask if we thought of them. When we do ask the questions and get our own answers we have a chance to live from the source of lasting happiness.

Contents: Part I What do I want? Who am I? Why do I forget who I am? How do I participate in creating my reality? Part II Where so I go when I die? What is the key to lasting happiness? How can I live with effortless ease? When will I be fully awake? Part III What is power and how do I obtain it? What is freedom and how do I experience it? What is grace and how do I live it? The Infinite, Appendix The Old and New Paradigms, About Vedanta.


TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny: A Breakthrough Self Healing System by Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD 2009

Synopsis: Use the seven step process developed by Dr Ariel to uncover and heal the inner aspects that hold you back from having a closer relationship with your authentic self. Aurora Ariel developed this process known as TheQuest through a need to heal her own inner subconscious aspects that caused self-sabotage, illness, and trauma in her relationships.

This book holds the key and direction that you need to do your own inner self-healing.  Free PDF

Your Sacred Self – Wayne Dyer 1996

Amazon Synopsis: In this liberating and enriching book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer teaches us how to tap into the power of our higher selves and live each day, regardless of what we do, with a greater sense of peace and fulfillment.

Your Sacred Self reveals a three-step program to help us understand our place in the world and develop a sense of satisfaction with ourselves and others. Step by step, we can change the way we experience life -- moving from our insatiable need for more, to an awareness of abundance; from a sense of ourselves as sinful and inferior, to an acceptance of ourselves as divine; from our hunger to achieve, to the detachment that brings true freedom.

Inspiring, uplifting, and illuminating, Your Sacred Self can bring the profound words of this unique teacher and guide into our lives and our hearts.

Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self - Sarah Ban Breathnach 2000

Amazon Synopsis: From the author of the bestselling "Simple Abundance" comes a provocative and powerful life "bible" for women around the world. In this insightful and eloquent book, Sarah Ban Breathnach explores the nine stages necessary to living authentically: Sensing, Surviving, Settling, Stumbling, Selling Out, Starting Over, Searching, Striving, and finally, Something More.

Spiritual Breakthrough: Handbook to God-Consciousness - John Van Auken 1996

Amazon Synopsis: Drawing on his many years of spiritual study and experience with higher consciousness, John Van Auken carefully outlines the path that each of us can follow to be "as aware of God as we are of ourselves." This book combines intimate knowledge of the material in the Edgar Cayce readings, the Bible, world religions, and ancient Egypt. In addition, the author describes the steps he followed and the effort he expended to be able to commune with God directly. His book is truly a gift for the seeker.


Subconscious and the Superconscious Planes of Mind - William Walker Atkinson 2010

Amazon Synopsis: Subconscious and the Superconscious Planes of Mind, written by W.W. Atkinson in 1909, is a somewhat supernatural text on the different levels at which the mind works and functions. There are the sub-conscious (below normal), conscious (normal), and super-conscious (above normal) levels, which Atkinson describes in detail. He also covers the elements of each level-for example, in the subconscious our memory works and resides.

While based in hard facts, Atkinson uses the mind theories to justify instances such as telepathy and mind reading, in which he strongly believed. American writer WILLIAM WALKER ATKINSON (1862-1932) was editor of the popular magazine New Thought from 1901 to 1905, and editor of the journal Advanced Thought from 1916 to 1919. He authored dozens of New Thought books under numerous pseudonyms, including "Yogi," some of which are likely still unknown today.


Superconscious Meditation: Kundalini & the Understanding of the Whole Mind - Daniel R. Condron 1998

Super Consciousness: A Guide to Meditation - J. Donald Walters 1996

Amazon Synopsis: Written by an established author of enlightening books, this easy to follow guide to meditation offers readers a simple way to make their lives more peaceful and fulfilling. Learn how to pick a proper time to meditate, choose the most beneficial posture, use mental images successfully, know how long to meditate, and more.

Super Consciousness: The Quest for the Peak Experience - Colin Wilson 2009

Amazon Synopsis: History is laced with examples of individuals who have experienced states of powerfully heightened awareness. Known as Peak Experiences (PEs), these periods of extreme mental, emotional, and creative invigoration have often resulted in great achievements. Bestselling author Colin Wilson has long pursued the nature of PEs, and here are the results of his 40-year investigation. Through a wealth of engaging anecdotes, he reveals how the PEs of such historical figures as Yeats, Blake, and Sartre, among others, influenced their work. Plus, he offers clues to unlocking this spiritual power in our own lives.


The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself - Michael Singer 2012

Amazon Synopsis: Who are you? When you start to explore this question, you find out how elusive it really is. Are you a physical body? A collection of experiences and memories? A partner to relationships? Each time you consider these aspects of yourself, you realize that there is much more to you than any of these can define. In The Untethered Soul, spiritual teacher Michael Singer explores the question of who we are and arrives at the conclusion that our identity is to be found in our consciousness, the fact of our ability to observe ourselves, and the world around us. By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, Singer shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.

This book, copublished with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), offers a frank and friendly discussion of consciousness and how we can develop it. In part one, he examines the notion of self and the inner dialogue we all live with. Part two examines the experience of energy as it flows through us and works to show readers how to open their hearts to the energy of experience that permeates their lives. Ways to overcome tendencies to close down to the rest of the world are the subject of part three. Enlightenment, the embrace of universal consciousness, is the subject of part four. And finally, in part five, Singer returns to daily life and the pursuit of unconditional happiness. Throughout, the book maintains a light and engaging tone, free from heavy dogma and prescriptive religious references. The easy exercises that figure in each chapter help readers experience the ideas that Singer presents.  

The Urantia Book

Within reading ten pages of this book I got the impression that it was not written by a human mind or minds. The Urantia website description says, “The Urantia Book, first published by Urantia Foundation in 1955, claims to have been presented by celestial beings as a revelation to our planet, Urantia.

The writings in The Urantia Book instruct us on the genesis, history, and destiny of humanity and on our relationship with God the Father. They present a unique and compelling portrayal of the life and teachings of Jesus. They open new vistas of time and eternity to the human spirit, and offer new details of our ascending adventure in a friendly and carefully administered universe.”   Free downloads


What is Cosmic Consciousness? -  Gopi Krishna 2004   Free PDF

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