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A Companion to Metaphysics - Ernest Sosa 2009

Amazon Synopsis: Fully extended and revised, A Companion to Metaphysics 2nd Edition includes a section of detailed review essays from renowned metaphysicians, and the addition of more than 30 new encyclopedic entries, taking the number of entries to over 300.

  • Includes revisions to existing encyclopedic entries
  • Features more than 30 all-new "A to Z" entries
  • Offers a section of in-depth, essays from renowned metaphysicians
  • Provides the most complete and up-to-date reference guide for students and professionals alike.

A Survey of Metaphysics - E. J. Lowe 2002

Amazon Synopsis: A systematic overview of modern metaphysics, A Survey of Metaphysics covers all of the most important topics in the field. It adopts the fairly traditional conception of metaphysics as a subject that deals with the deepest questions that can be raised concerning the fundamental structure of reality as a whole. T

he book is divided into six main sections that address the following themes: identity and change, necessity and essence, causation, agency and events, space and time, and universals and particulars. It focuses on contemporary views and issues throughout, rather than on the history of metaphysics.

Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals - Immanuel Kant 2008

Amazon Synopsis: Ancient Greek philosophy was divided into three sciences: physics, ethics, and logic. This division is perfectly suitable to the nature of the thing; and the only improvement that can be made in it is to add the principle on which it is based, so that we may both satisfy ourselves of its completeness, and also be able to determine correctly the necessary subdivisions Read online or download free

Introduction to Metaphysics - Martin Heidegger 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Heidegger's Introduction to Metaphysics is one of the most important works written by this towering figure in twentieth-century philosophy. It includes a powerful reinterpretation of Greek thought, a sweeping vision of Western history, and a glimpse of the reasons behind Heidegger's support of the Nazi Party in the 1930s. Heidegger tries to reawaken the "question of Being" by challenging some of the most enduring prejudices embedded in Western philosophy and in our everyday practices and language.

Furthermore, he relates this question to the insights of Greek tragedy into the human condition and to the political and cultural crises of modernity. This new translation makes this work more accessible to students than ever before. It combines smoothness with accuracy and provides conventional translations of Greek passages that Heidegger translated unconventionally.

There are also extensive notes, a German-English glossary, and an introduction that discusses the history of the text, its basic themes, and its place in Heidegger's oeuvre.

Laws of Prosperity: 92 Tips For Using Simple Abundance Techniques For Wealth Creation - Gary Vurnum 2010

Amazon Synopsis: Here's just a sample of what you will discover from the "Laws Of Prosperity - 92 Tips For Living Simple Abundance Techniques For Wealth Creation"...

  • Tip #2 : While affirmations work for many things they don't often work very well for manifesting money and that is because of the ______ __________ ______ that most people have about it.
  • Tip #5 : Everyone successful in manifesting great wealth lives by “__ ____ ___ ____ ____ _____ ____ ______.”
  • Tip #23 : One of the laws of manifestation is that we must __ before we can __, and __ before we can ____.
  • Tip #28 : When what you _____ and what you ________ are the same, the Universe will manifest it immediately!
  • Tip #54 : When you feel _______, you emit more positive vibrations, and attract the things you want more quickly and easily!
  • Tip #77 : The more you ____ _________ the more you activate the law of attraction to further push it away from you.
  • Tip #82 : If you do something not in alignment with ____ ____ ______, you will slow the process of receiving your desires.

Man & Metaphysics - Donald H. Yott 1980

The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics - Immanuel Kant

Read online or download free

The Metaphysical Handbook - David and Lucy Pond 1984

Amazon Synopsis: This is a handbook for learning the basic metaphysical techniques of astrology, tarot, IChing, numerology, and palmistry. You are taken step by step through each of the disciplines so that even without prior experiences you can personalize the information and begin applying it to your life immediately.

One needn't be a serious student to benefit from the expanded perspective on life that studying metaphysics offers. Even a casual involvement can sharpen your intuition and give deeper meaning to your life. The authors combined five decades of experience in the field of metaphysics, allowing them to present the information with clarity and insight.

Metaphysical Techniques That Really Work - Audrey Craft Davis 2009

Amazon Synopsis: Metaphysical Techniques That Really Work will guide you in the unfolding of your higher spiritual and mental potentials. Author Audrey Craft Davis describes the techniques and offers true stories from her personal experience. Next, she guides you with step-by-step instructions on how to use the technique and incorporate it into your life. With a little practice you'll learn to do the following: · Initiate contact with your unseen guidance and earthbound spirits.

  • Bi-location - projection techniques that allow your astral body to be seen in a different location.
  • Energy boosting that will last for hours.
  • Numerology - a short course in the magic of numbers and how to use them to your advantage.
  • The law of prosperity - harvest the abundance that is your spiritual right.
  • Storing subtle energy for later use with levitation, psychometry, healing and astral projection.
  • Do-it-yourself past-life regression - a simple technique requiring no hypnosis. · Communicate with the spirits of departed loved ones - several techniques.
  • Instant alpha trance with a "Cyber-Optic" visual.
  • Aura reading - the electromagnetic field can reveal more than you know.
  • Ultra-powerful healing techniques that really work.
  • Much, much more!

Metaphysics - Aristotle 2009

Amazon Synopsis: Metaphysics begins with sketching the history of philosophy. For Aristotle, philosophy arose historically after basic necessities were secured. Metaphysics is Aristotle's version of philosophy examining the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value. Aristotle argues that there are a handful of universal truths.

Aristotle's works have influenced science, religion, and philosophy for nearly two thousand years. He could be thought of as the father of logical thought. Aristotle wrote: "There is nothing in the intellect that was not first in the senses." He wrote that everything that is learned in life is learned through sensory perception. Aristotle was the first to establish the founding principle of logic. The great writer Dante called Aristotle "The Master of those who know."

Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction - Michael J. Loux 2006

Amazon Synopsis: Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction is aimed at students of metaphysics who have already completed an introductory philosophy course. This third edition of the successful textbook provides a fresh look at key topics in metaphysics and includes two new chapters on time and causation.

Wherever possible, Loux links contemporary views to their classical sources in the history of philosophy. This new edition also keeps the user-friendly format, the chapter overviews summarizing the main topics and examples to clarify difficult concepts.

Metaphysics: An Anthology - Ernest Sosa 1999

Amazon Synopsis: This anthology, intended to accompany A Companion to Metaphysics (Blackwell, 1995), brings together over 60 selections which represent the best and most important works in metaphysics during this century. The selections are grouped under ten major metaphysical problems and each section is preceded by an introduction by the editors.

Metaphysics: The Big Questions - Peter van Inwagen & Dean W. Zimmerman 2008

Amazon Synopsis: This extensively revised and expanded edition of van Inwagen and Zimmerman’s popular collection of readings in metaphysics now features twenty-two additional selections, new sections on existence and reality, and an updated editorial commentary.

  • Collects classic and contemporary readings in metaphysics
  • Answers some of the most puzzling questions about our world and our place in it
  • Covers an unparalleled range of topics
  • Now includes a new section on existence and reality, expanded discussions on many classic issues, and an updated editorial commentary

Metaphysics (Contours of Christian Philosophy) - William Hasker 1983

Amazon Synopsis: What is ultimately real? What is God like? Do human beings have minds and souls or only brains in bodies? Are humans free agents or are all human acts determined by prior circumstances?

Through insightful analysis and careful evaluation, William Hasker helps readers answer these questions and thereby construct a world view to make sense of the universe and the people in it.

The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics - Michael J. Loux 2005

Amazon Synopsis: The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics offers the most authoritative and compelling guide to this diverse and fertile field of philosophy. Twenty-four of the world's most distinguished specialists provide brand-new essays about "what there is": what kinds of things there are, and what relations hold among entities falling under various categories.

They give the latest word on such topics as identity, modality, time, causation, persons and minds, freedom, and vagueness. The Handbook's unrivaled breadth and depth make it the definitive reference work for students and academics across the philosophical spectrum.

The Problems of Philosophy - Bertrand Russell 1997

Amazon Synopsis: Bertrand Russell was one of the greatest logicians since Aristotle, and one of the most important philosophers of the past two hundred years. As we approach the 125th anniversary of the Nobel laureate's birth, his works continue to spark debate, resounding with unmatched timeliness and power.

The Problems of Philosophy, one of the most popular works in Russell's prolific collection of writings, has become core reading in philosophy. Clear and accessible, this little book is an intelligible and stimulating guide to those problems of philosophy which often mistakenly lead to its status as too lofty and abstruse for the lay mind.

Focusing on problems he believes will provoke positive and constructive discussion, Russell concentrates on knowledge rather than metaphysics, steering the reader through his famous 1910 distinction between "knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description," and introducing important theories of Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Hume, Locke, Plato, and others to lay the foundation for philosophical inquiry by general readers and scholars alike.With a new introduction by John Perry, this valuable work is a perfect introduction to the field and will continue to stimulate philosophical discussion as it has done for nearly forty years. Read online or download free

Riddles of Existence: A Guided Tour of Metaphysics - Theodore Sider 2007

Amazon Synopsis: The riddles of metaphysics are the deepest and most puzzling questions we can ponder. Riddles of Existence is the first book ever to make metaphysics genuinely accessible and fun. Its lively, informal style brings these questions to life and shows how stimulating it can be to think about them.

Earl Conee and Theodore Sider offer a lucid discussion of the major topics in metaphysics. What makes me the same person I was as a child? Is everything fated to be exactly as it is? Does time flow? How fast does it flow, and can one travel back in time, against the current? Does God exist? Why is there anything at all rather than nothing? If our actions are caused by things science can predict and control, how can we have free will?

The authors approach these topics in an open-minded and undogmatic manner, giving readers a full sense of the issues involved. They don't try to convince us of their point of view. Instead, they hope that, by reading this book, we will come to appreciate the importance of such problems and develop reasoned opinions of our own. Riddles of Existence shows that philosophy can be exciting and important, and understandable by anyone.

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