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The Angel Blessings Kit: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration - Kimberly Marooney 2010

Amazon Description: Angels are messengers of healing, love, and prosperity. This deluxe book and card gift set enables you to have a stronger and more prosperous connection with the angelic kingdom and to call on heavenly assistance in times of struggle.

Each of the 44 Angel Blessing cards is a beautiful reproduction of a fine art masterpiece inscribed with the name of the Angel and the Angel's mission. The guidebook offers an in-depth description of all the angels and shows you how to manifest each one's essence in your life. There are nine different ways to work and play with the cards ranging from single card drawings to more involved processes. Beautifully produced and thoughtfully written, The Angel Blessings Kit is a source of inspiration, wisdom, and guidance in these difficult times.

Angels Gods & Goddesses Cards - Toni Salerno 2004

Amazon Description: Receive daily guidance from the Angels, Gods & Goddesses. Think of a question, and then pick one or more cards to see what messages the oracle offers you today. By: Toni Carmine Salerno

Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook - Doreen Virtue 2010

Amazon Description: Now you can give yourself and others accurate, loving, and helpful readings about health and healing. Each oracle card features a gorgeous painting of Archangel Raphael. The enclosed guidebook gives you step-by-step instructions on how to conduct safe and powerful readings about your own health and that of your loved ones and clients. It explains the general meaning of each card and provides specific details that can offer you more clarity and help you tap into your intuition. Whether you’re seeking a healing for yourself, for someone else, or want to awaken your own natural healing abilities, Archangel Raphael brings you miracles and trustworthy guidance . . . and all you need to do is ask!

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards: The Direct Link to Your Personal Psychic Support System: A 52-Card Deck with Guidebook - Sonia Choquette 2005

Amazon Description: "Ask your Guides" is a 52-card psychic intuitive oracle deck (with accompanying guidebook) based on the traditional minor arcana of the tarot. The deck is designed to not only guide you, the seeker, through present and upcoming life events and challenges, but will also connect you directly with specific spirit guides and divine helpers who are there to help you navigate these transitions and challenges successfully.

The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge - Naisha Ahsian 1997

Amazon Description: The Crystal Ally Cards are a gemstone-based Oracle deck and book set. The guidebook contains metaphysicasl information on the 50 gemstones and crystals in the deck as well as affirmations, meditations, and exercises for personal growth, and using the cards for divination and healing tools.

Fairy Ring: An Oracle of the Fairy Folk - Anna Franklin 2002

Amazon Description: Combine astounding, photorealistic images with breathtaking surreal art that feature the world of the fairy, and you have The Fairy Ring oracle. This deck has four suits, one for each season, plus eight additional cards that celebrate the major Celtic "Fairy Festival" holidays. Included with the deck is a 240-page book that is filled with fairy lore, the meanings of the cards, their myths and legends, how to work with the fairy or character on each card and an amazing nine different spreads you can use. This is more than just a divinatory deck-its virtually an entire spiritual, magickal, and oracular system!

The strikingly beautiful artwork will literally draw you into the world of the fairy. It will let you cross over from our world and allow you to listen to their wisdom. But this requires you to take the first step. Using this deck will help you to let the fairies fill your dreams. Read about just one card per day, and in only two months you'll have amassed more fairy lore than you can imagine!

More importantly, by working with this deck, the fairies will come to know and trust you and share their wisdom with you. The fae don't easily give their friendship and let you into their world. Ideal for all Pagans and lovers of the fairy realms. Don't let this opportunity to commune with the fairy folk pass you by! The beauty of this set makes it a great gift, too!

Healing Cards - Caroline Myss & Peter Occhiogrosso 2003

Amazon Description: This 50-card deck and accompanying booklet by Caroline Myss, the bestselling author of Sacred Contracts and Anatomy of the Spirit and Peter Occhiogrosso, popular expert on world religions and author of The Joy of Sects, will help you create a daily practice that not only heals existing ailments, but also maintains spiritual balance in your life. Each card presents healing wisdom drawn from the world’s great spiritual traditions, and then offers an application of that knowledge for everyday living. Healing Cards offer both inspiration and a course of action, and . . . a card a day keeps the doctor away!

Hidden Path Oracle Kit - Raven Grimassi, Stephanie Taylor, Mickie Mueller 2007

Llewelyn Description: Steeped in Pagan tradition, practice, and symbolism, The Hidden Path guides you to the tenets of this nature-based spirituality. Sensuous, vivid artwork by award-winning Pagan artist Mickie Mueller captures the Sabbats, the Fates, Karma, Centers of Power, the Great Rite, and other Pagan practices and beliefs still relevant today. Use this multi-faceted tool for celebrating seasonal rites, creating ritual experiences, pathworking, and accessing the hidden Mysteries of the Craft. You'll also find a story woven throughout the deck for creating mystical alignments between you and the spiritual keys in the card imagery. The enclosed guidebook features interpretations and keywords of each card, divination spreads, and suggestions for incorporating the cards into your Sabbat celebrations.

Magical Mermaids and Dolphin Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook - Doreen Virtue 2003

Amazon Description: The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards are specifically designed to help you manifest your goals, life purpose, and Divinely inspired dreams. These 44 beautifully illustrated cards can help you swim into the ocean of your unconscious mind, where profound thoughts and feelings can create—or block—your heart’s desire. The cards are easy to use, and the enclosed guidebook will help you perform amazingly accurate readings for yourself or others.

Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue 2005

Amazon Description: With the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards deck, you can receive messages and guidance related to your present life, your future, and your spiritual path. Suitable for adults and children of all ages, each card features a beautiful unicorn painting and a life-affirming message. The enclosed easy-to-follow guidebook allows you to instantly give accurate readings to yourself and others.

Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals - Jamie Sams 1999

Amazon Description: Discover the tool that millions of people worldwide are using for guidance, inspiration, and help in finding answers to life's questions. now, revised and expanded to include eight additional cards, this unique and powerful divination system draws upon ancient wisdom and tradition to teach the healing medicine of animals. Medicine Cards and found its way into the hearts and hands of many, guiding the way to healing the body, emotions, mind, and spirit, and providing insight into and understand of one's unique purpose in life.

Message from Spirit: An Open at Random Book – Sylvia Browne 2009

Amazon Synopsis: In this tough economy, one business is booming: psychic counseling. Sylvia Browne a New York Times multiple bestselling author and one of the most widely consulted psychic counselors has created this book of spirit guidance to answer her readers' most pressing life questions. Messages from Spirit is a 21st century oracular book that the reader consults for practical guidance. It consists of 108 thought-provoking jewels of inspiration from the realms of Spirit. With her trademark style wise, warm and straight-forward Sylvia shows her readers how to set an intention, form the question and then allow the book to fall open to the appropriate pages for guidance. This process engages the subconscious mind, allowing it to become a partner in solving problems that seem insurmountable.

My Spiritual Reading Cards - Sylvia Browne 2009

Amazon Description: The 74 cards in this deck can be used individually for meditation, or a group of them can be utilized for spiritual insight into your own life. Regardless of how you use them, I know that they’ll give you a greater understanding of your true self and help you see that you were created for a purpose by God, who loves you deeply. Always remember that spirituality isn’t measured by fame or acclaim, but by the large and small deeds that sometimes only you and God know about.

These cards will not give you spirituality . . . that you must find for yourself—but they will give you more insight into the Universal Truths that God has always made available to anyone who searches for them. People tend to get caught up in the hectic affairs of life on Earth, so these cards are designed to help you attain the peace and wisdom that occurs when you realize your own spiritual center.

THE ORACLE BOOK - Georgia Routsis Savas  2002

Psycards Book - Nick Hobson & Maggie Kneen 2002

Amazon Description: This book explains the meaning of the Psy-Card System which is based on Jungian psychology, myths, poetry, and folk wisdom. The cards are defined by the creator, along with their relevance to making key decisions in the voyage of life.

The Rainbow Book of Alignment - Aga Religa 2012

Amazon Synopsis: This is an unconventional book of little words and high vibration. How about some upliftment, some inspiration, some fun, some ideas? This book can serve as a source of a message(s) for the day or as an answer and/or guidance to a specific question, as a momentarily upliftment, or a way to induce an instant shift in one's energy.

Maybe you can close your eyes, randomly open the book and see what comes up when you open your eyes again! Let this book be for Your Highest Good and let it touch You at many levels. Cheers to Your shift!

Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachings - Jamie Sams 1990

Amazon Description: Beautifully illustrated cards and a comprehensive guidebook based on Native American sacred teachings capture the strength and beauty of tribal traditions and offer a tool for self-discovery, awareness, and positive change.

Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards - Sonia Choquette 2005

Amazon Description: Trust Your Vibes Oracle Cards is a deck of 52 cards, with accompanying guidebook, designed to help activate and strengthen the sixth sense-that inner psychic voice, or vibe, that provides a higher awareness in all situations. The cards can be used in several ways. For example, one can be pulled randomly from the deck to provide insight for the day. Or a card can be pulled to provide direct guidance on a particular question. Whichever way the deck is used, this creative tool can teach people how to trust their own inner voice.

Well Worn Path - Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor 2005

Amazon Description: The Well Worn Path is much more than a divination tool. Specifically designed for Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans, this uniquely Pagan system is based on the roots of Pagan culture and practice.

Depicting symbolism and imagery vital to nature-based spirituality, the multi-faceted, forty-card deck can be used for learning, teaching, ritual, and personal alignment. Each card has an assigned meaning, teaching element, and meditation for spiritual alignment that, altogether, communicates a vital Pagan concept or tenet. It's a magical, transforming journey for students or teachers seeking to understand the hidden Mysteries and embrace the Old Ways.

The Wheel of Fortune – David and Julia Line

An oracle in a book.

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook - Colette Baron-Reid 2009

Amazon Description: Mystics have passed down stories of magical realms hidden from mortal sight, bridging the world of Nature and Spirit. Even before the written word, the ancients established a Divine partnership between humans and these Hidden Realms. Both agreed to form an eternal Sacred Alliance to establish harmony and balance between the material and the spiritual. The Alliance ensured that when we asked for guidance in manifesting our reality, they would help us find our way to the highest good for all. But in time, humanity turned itself away from the natural world as a source for the Divine and forgot about the realms in the Unseen realities. Religious superstition, dominance, and the power of intellect, reason, and technology became our focus; and our partnership was forgotten, so the realms faded away.

As our global concerns have increasingly been more plaintive, they have returned to help us find our way home to our true purpose, prosperity, hope, and happiness. These cards represent some of those realms and their Queens and Kings, Princes, and other magical helpers. Let the Swan Queen point the way to transformation, the Arrow Master help you reach your goals, the Sun Dancers herald your victories, and the Sacred Union speak to the depth of your longing for love. Ask and ye shall receive, for the Highest Good is their motto. If you call upon them, they will answer.

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