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Art of Hand Reading - Lori Reid 1999

Amazon Synopsis: This affordable paperback on the fun and contemporary topic of hand reading is created for people with full and busy lives. Clear explanations on everything you should know about this entertaining art are enhanced by dozens of detailed photographs. Step-by-step instructions and beautiful, full color photographs make this the perfect guide for the novice or seasoned seeker of future knowledge.

Book of The Hand: An Illustrated History Of Palmistry - Fred Gettings1972

Amazon Synopsis: The hand has been described as the mirror to the soul. From the very beginning of history man has attempted to grasp through its form and surface the meaning of his own individual character and destiny. Palmistry has two faces -- one which is intuitive in character and another which is rooted in a scientific approach. The first type of palmistry uses the hand as a spring-board for intuitive judgements, and predictions of future events and character analyses are made, usually without real undersanding, purely by virtue of an intuitive 'feeling' for the hand.

The second type of palmistry is concerned with making judgements concerning character and future by the way of a systematic analysis of the signs and portents in the hand. The one method is concerned with emotional understanding, the second with intellectual understanding. The method advocated by Mr. Gettings consists of an amalgam of both these approaches for, whilst admitting the importance of a systematic approach to the study of the hand, Mr. Gettings insists that true palmistry, like medicine, must be essentially a matter for intuitive judgements.

Palmistry is more of an art than a science. This authoritative, well designed book presents a new system of palmistry in a visually exciting and intellectually stimulating way. The text is divided into three sections, each of which contributes something new to the study of palmistry. The first section makes a completely original contribution to the study, for the author has classified the different hand forms into eight types which bear a distinct relationship to the theory behind astrology. The section on chiromancy, the study of the lines of the hand, deals more realistically than usual with the the true significance of the lines, whilst the third section consists of the first written history of western palmistry, based on original texts in the British Museum, the Bibliotheque Nationale and the Bodleian.

The Book of Palmistry – Fred Gettings 1974

The Complete Book of Palmistry – Richard Webster 2001

Amazon Synopsis: As soon as you complete the first chapter, you can begin reading palms with confidence and expertise. This ability can lead you to a better understanding of yourself and the complex motivations of other people. Learn to advise others in a sensitive and caring manner, determine compatibility between couples, and guide people in career decisions. The author answers all of the questions asked by his students over the years.

The Complete Book of Palmistry - Joyce Wilson 1983

Amazon Synopsis: Fortune telling by means of the lines of the palm. An age-old occult science. An entertaining accomplishment to amuse you and your friends-with the promise of a developed skill that could win you fame and money. Palmistry is all these things, but most of all it is a guide to help you understand your destiny. . .to know yourself--and others. Once you understanding your destiny, perhaps you can control it--or change it for the better.

Complete Illustrated Guide to Palmistry: The Principles and Practice of Hand Reading Revealed - Peter West 1998

Amazon Synopsis: In this illustrated work, Peter West explains the meaning of all the different whorls, marks, stars, lines and palmar of fingerprint patterns, and gives advice on the specific techniques used to read a palm.

Palmistry: Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours; The Easiest Palmistry Course Ever Written - Johnny Fincham 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Ever wanted to learn palmistry but been confused by the mumbo-jumbo? This no-nonsense book is for everyone and it's the most innovative approach to the subject in the last two hundred years. Palmistry is finally freed from its dependence on astrological symbolism, and is refined down to a ten-point technique that's devastatingly powerful and easy to learn. Ground-breaking scientific research is drawn on which simplifies and sheds new light on, for instance, the individual fingerprint patterns. Knowing these patterns is the key to uncovering the core of human character.


The Palmistry Bible: The Definitive Guide to Hand Reading - Jane Struthers 2005

Amazon Synopsis: Since ancient times, seers have used palm reading to predict the future. But as you'll discover in this illuminating volume, it's also a wonderful technique for self-exploration and personal growth. The shape of your hand--its whorls, fingerprints, lines, mounts, and other geographic features--reveal untold truths about your personality and destiny.  

Using the extraordinarily detailed images as a guide, find out how to identify and interpret those features. Do you have the potential for a passionate romance? Will you have children? Are you a realist or a dreamer? The answers are right in the palms of your hands.


Palmistry Cards: The Secret Code on Your Hands - Vernon Mahabal  2002

Amazon Synopsis: These new cards easily demystify the science of Palmistry and will have you reading hands like a seasoned professional in no time. Compare your hand with each card and discover the insight and awareness into your personal path to power, success, romance and fulfillment. These easy-to-read cards explain in detail: life purpose, romantic possibilities, true career calling and talents, abilities and potentials. Palmistry Cards is the most informative and entertaining way to read hands ever.


Palmistry Encyclopedia - Rhoda 1996

Book Jacket: This is not just a book, but the best guide on Palmistry. It is written for the novice as well as the expert Palmist. OUR HANDS TELL ALL. Palmistry to is a marvelous tool. Please never belittle the psychology of Palmistry. Remember our hands are the mirror of the mind, our virtues and our vices. It can reveal the stories of our character, our aims and ambitions and even more important, the possibility of our achieving them. Palmistry, Chiromancy, Chirosophy, call it what you may, it is a science and an art.

Palmistry for All - Cheiro 

Amazon Synopsis: 1916. Containing new information on the study of the hand never before published. Cheiro presents information of how by a mere glance at a hand, a quick grasp of the leading characteristics of that person is revealed. Hands cannot change as the result of a mere effort to please as with the face. The character hands express are the real nature of the individual, the true character that has been formed by heredity or that has grown up with the person by long years of habit.  Free Download or online read

Palmistry 4 Today (with Diploma Course) - Frank C. Clifford 2009

Amazon Synopsis:

A completely revised and updated edition of the best-selling guide to hand analysis. Hailed as the definitive, modern textbook on the subject and used teachers and practitioners worldwide, Palmistry 4 Today is the four-step guide to understanding and decoding the mysteries of your hands.

This U.S. edition includes assignments for completing the author's Diploma Course in Hand Analysis. In 4 easy-to-follow steps, this innovative book presents: 1. The Palm Detective (how to recognize personality traits, aptitudes and emotional needs) 2. Timing Techniques (learn to time markings of life events with accuracy) 3. Love, Health and Career (answers to your most essential questions) 4. Palmistry in Action (case studies, assignments and practical advice)

Palmistry Made Easy - Fred Gettings 1979

Amazon Synopsis: A simple but comprehensive way to learn palmistry.

Palmistry - Palm Readings In Your Own Words - Julian Moore 2012

Amazon Synopsis: In his new book, 'Speed Learning ~ Palm Readings In Your Own Words', Julian Moore teaches the basics of palmistry using proven techniques which mean that you could be reading palms in less than 48 hours!

This ebook and ten accompanying FLASH CARDS can get you up to speed quicker than you ever thought imaginable, while still creating your own style and being true to yourself without having to pretend that you're a great showman or anything other than yourself.

'Speed Learning ~ Palm Readings In Your Own Words' shows you how to give REAL readings that CONNECT with people.

Most people who decide to learn palmistry are easily put off when they first pick up a palmistry book, there's so much information and more often than not, no clear description of even what ORDER to read the different elements of the hand in. This is not like those other books. It teaches you a step-by-step way of reading people's palms that's almost impossible to forget, and as it encourages you to create YOUR OWN way of describing what the lines and fingers mean, the speed of learning is greatly increased. You're not just learning 'parrot style', you're creating your OWN versions of how to talk about the meanings of the hand, which makes them entirely memorable!


Palmistry Quick & Easy - Peter Hazel 2001

Amazon Synopsis: Your hand is a map reflecting your personality, your past, and your personal potential. This book's unique illustrated and interactive format is designed to give you instant access to the ancient art of palmistry. As you answer a series of simple questions, you'll discover how easy it really is—even the novice can begin reading hands immediately!

You'll learn how to interpret the length of the palm and fingers, the four hand types, thumbs, marks on the fingers, the lines, fingernails, the mounts, timing in the palm, and even the meaning of rings.

Palmistry Quick & Easy also includes information not found in other palmistry books. Notes for lovers, parents, managers, and astrologers will add depth and additional insights into the important relationships in your life.

Without saying a word, your hands speak volumes about your personality. For example, the shape and size of your hand can help you gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses.

Do you have a long palm with long, slender fingers? If so, you have a water hand, which means you are a sensitive, sympathetic, and intuitive person who probably relies on emotions to make decisions. You may have to be careful of being overly self-critical.

Do you have a short palm with short fingers? Then you've got an earth hand, and you are practical, reliable, and productive, although you may have to watch out for becoming too single-minded or authoritarian.

Palmistry is also fun—in any social gathering, mention that you read palms and you'll soon have a crowd of people eager to find out more about themselves.

Palmistry Quick & Easy is just that: quick and easy. With its detailed question-and-answer format, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the people around you—just by listening to what their hands have to say.


Palmistry: The Language of the Hand - Cheiro 1999

Amazon Synopsis: A brand-new edition of the classic work first published in 1894. Cheiro was a renowned palmist whose world travels gained attention in the press and whose palm readings for the rich and famous of his day, including Mark Twain, elicited words of praise. In this unique book are methods for reading personalities, recognizing astrological links, and prognostication, along with drawings of hands showing structural types and lines. A series of photographic hand prints taken directly from the famous people Cheiro read for, such as Sara Bernhardt, is also included.

Palmistry: The Universal Guide - Nathaniel Altman 2009

Amazon Synopsis: The key to your future—and your present and past—is in the palm of your hand! Nathaniel Altman, best-selling author of The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Palmistry, gathers the wisdom he has obtained from decades of practice to produce this comprehensive volume. He answers such questions as: How can the features of the hand tell palm readers as much as the lines on its surface? In what ways can you use a palm reading to change the course of your own future?

There’s information on using palmistry to explore relationships and sexuality, spiritual fulfillment, and even health. Plus, there are solid technical details on the art and practice of reading palms for others.

For experienced and beginning palm readers alike, this is an authoritative collection of thoughts from a master.

The Palmistry Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Art of Palm Reading - Laeticia Valverde 2004

Amazon Synopsis: Palmistry is the ancient science of reading an individual's hands in order to gain an insight into their life. A fascinating and precise art, the reading of palms has enthralled many cultures for centuries. The Palmistry Workbook provides a fascinating overview of palm reading including the history of palmistry, the meaning of the individual lines on your hand, the symbolism of your hand shape and the significance of the thumb. The Palmistry Workbook also explores the connections between the naming of the lines and mounts on the hands with Greek and Roman mythology, astrology, and the planets. Illustrated throughout, this book is appropriate for beginners but also rich enough for devotees wishing to expand their knowledge of this fascinating subject.

Palm Reading for Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand – Richard Webster 2000

Amazon Synopsis: Just imagine that you sit down at a bare table. You have no crystal balls, Tarot cards, runes, or any other tools. One by one, people come up to you and you amaze them with your knowledge of who they are – their hopes, goals, and desires – and your predictions for change in their lives. Sound amazing? You can do it with a little practice and Richard Webster's Palm Reading for Beginners.

Just as a bit of DNA can tell you volumes about a person, so, too, can looking at a person's palms tell you about his or her past, present and future. Palm reading actually entails examining the entire hand. A good palmist will use the flexibility and the shape of the hand and fingers as well as the famous lines to interpret for a person. Such a palm reader will also look at everything from marks on the hand to skin color, and even if there is any hair on the back of the hand to give a reading. You can be that palmist.

There are three things that really set this book apart. First, it has fifty clear illustrations that indicate all of the lines and shapes and where you'll find them on the hand. Second, this book goes into timing, giving you the ability to determine when important events happened in the past and when they will happen in the future. And third, using actual examples, Webster shows you how to put all of the separate items of information together to give a fascinating, in-depth reading.
If you have ever stared at your hand, wondering if those lines had any meaning, this book explains it all. If you have ever been amazed at the ability of a good palmist and wanted to be able to read palms, too, this book will get you started. And if you want to be able to add even more features to the readings you already give, this book is a must.

The Secret Code on Your Hands: An Illustrated Guide to Palmistry - Vernon Mahabal, Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley, Illustrator 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Some believe that the human hand is an unsurpassed tool for character and emotional analysis, holding vital keys to one’s path to power, success, romance, and fulfillment. Combining Western astrological palmistry with Chinese hand analysis, this captivating instructional guide outlines a quick and accurate method to assess talents, abilities, psychology, and emotional personality in both business and romance. Fully illustrated, with quick pointers and distinct section dividers, the book is a handy reference for any aspiring palmist.

The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry: New Insights into an Ancient Art - Johnny Fincham 2008

Amazon Synopsis: A third-generation gypsy palm-reader reveals his secret knowledge for the first time. Johnny Fincham reveals, for the first time in print, the existence and location of the palmistry's long-sought-after passion line, the key to understanding an individual's sexuality. Using a balance of objectivity and native intuition, the result of twenty years of reading, teaching and researching palmistry, this book leads readers gently through the journey to becoming a master palmist. With 160 illustrations and lucid instructions, Johnny Fincham shows how a good hand reading can be an enlightening, revelatory, magical experience, revealing knowledge that can literally change lives.

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