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Book of the Hopi - Frank Waters 1977

Amazon Synopsis: In this unique collection, some thirty Hopi elders reveal for the first time in written form the Hopi world-view.

The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy - Stephen M. Miller 2010

Amazon Synopsis: Wondering if the end of the world is near? The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy for a fair and thoughtful review of various end-time theories. New from Stephen M. Miller bestselling author of Who s Who and Where s Where in the Bible, this guide introduces readers to all aspects of prophecy from Old Testament predictions made and already fulfilled to end-times prophecies of events yet to come. Written in Miller s casual, balanced, journalistic style, this book is a fascinating survey of mysterious biblical passages and their various interpretations. Lavishly illustrated, with gorgeous charts and graphics. The Complete Guide to Bible Prophecy will help you sort out the truth on this vital topic.

The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus – Henry C. Roberts 1994

Amazon Synopsis: Newly updated to emphasize its relevance to recent events as well as the coming turn of the millennium, this edition of The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus--including all the prescient verses of the 16th-century seer--will be the most sought-after book of its kind, now and for many years to come.


Continuous Energy & Upcoming Earth Changes - Michael L. Schuster

DayBreak: The Dawning Ember – Mary Summer Rain 1991

Hampton Roads Synopsis: Mary’s Sixth book is divided into two parts. “The Communion” consists of extensive answers to questions she has received from readers over the years. Ranging from prophecy to Native American history, from metaphysics to just plain common sense, here are nearly 450 pages of wisdom, including an extensive section on dream interpretation.

The second section, called “The Phoenix Files,” is a comprehensive collection of maps, charts, lists, and tables describing nuclear facilities, toxic-waste dumps, oil refineries, hurricane, tornado, and flood-hazard zones, as well as a suggested pole-shift realignment configuration. Together, it makes an indispensable resource manual.

Earth Changes Update – Hugh Lynn Cayce 1980

Synopsis: Hugh Lynn Cayce looked at the earth change predictions made by Edgar Cayce in the context of what he saw around him in the late 1970s. These include historical earth changes that the earth has gone through: ice-ages, poleshifts, and landmass changes according to the readings. It also looks at present and future earth changes.


Edgar Cayce on Prophecy – Mary Ellen Carter 1968

Synopsis: Edgar Cayce’s last reading was given in 1945 and this book of his prophecies states  that many of them had already come true at the time that Mary Ellen Carter wrote it. She discovered many of these prophecies in the Life Readings of individuals dotted within Cayce’s prophecies for their future lives. 

Contents:  Introduction,  Prophet of the New Age, The New Age, Choose Thou! Destiny and the Law, Atlantis Rising? People Rising! Destiny of Nations, “For the Seeker to Know,” “The Records Are One,” Taio! Carmel: A School of Prophets, The Prism, The Prism Turns, Evolution: It’s What’s Happening! Time and Prophecy.


The Encyclopedia of Prophecy - Omar V. Garrison 1978


End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies About the End of the World  – Sylvia Browne 2008

Amazon Synopsis: The Apocalypse. The Rapture. The End of Days. Humans have long been concerned with the ultimate clash of civilizations, but never more so than now. The world has become a scary place—religious wars, global terrorism, and genocide are all over the news, and thanks to the Internet, the Information Age has ushered in the Anxiety Age. Who better to lead the way out than Sylvia Browne, the most popular psychic working today?

In End of Days, she tackles the most daunting of subjects with her trademark clarity, wisdom, and serenity. She does not shy away from the most daunting and difficult predictions about what will happen to the human race. And throughout she comments on all the End of Days prophecies and predictions that have people speculating that the end is indeed near.

For anyone who’s ever wondered where we’re headed, and what—if anything—we can do to prevent a catastrophe of biblical proportions, End of Days is a riveting and insightful must-read.


The Gift Within: Experiences of a Spiritual Medium – James H.P. Wilkie

The Hopi Survival Kit: The Prophecies, Instructions and Warnings Revealed by the Last Elders - Thomas E. Mails 1997

Amazon Synopsis: Presents the entire range of Hopi prophecy and spiritual instruction while preparing people for the hard times ahead by explaining how to recognize and understand these expected events.

Mary's Message to the World - Annie Kirkwood 1994

Amazon Synopsis: In 1987, an extraordinary thing happened to Annie Kirkwood, a retired nurse living quietly in a Dallas suburb. In her mind she began to sense the presence of the Virgin Mary, entrusting to her messages of vital importance to the world. Annie Kirkwood protested that she was not the right choice -- she wasn't even Catholic. But Mary insisted that she had chosen Annie deliberately, as a sincere seeker of spiritual truth who was not a church insider, and who could be trusted to transmit Mary's teachings in plain language to ordinary people.


Mass Dreams of the Future - Chet Snow 1993

Amazon Synopsis: As we near the end of the 20th century and embark on a new millennium, Earth is undergoing a profound apocalyptic evolutionary change. Confirming the momentous changes to come is the amazing agreement of both ancient and modern prophecies in "mass dreams", including prophecies from all the major world religions and cultures.


The Millennium Book of Prophecy - John Hogue 1994

Synopsis: Includes prophecies from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Gurdjieff, Tamo-san, Madame Blavatsky, Old and New Testament Prophets and 89 others.

Contents: How to Read This Book, Introduction, Part One: A Crossroads at the End of Time, The Pyramid Prophecies, Cycles in Time, Latter-Day Dateline, Living on the Cusps of Time, The Second Millennium, The Last Popes, The Wheel of Dharma Has Stopped! The Kali Yuga, Purified by Fire: The Final Warnings, Signs in the Sky, Part Two: Tomorrow of Fear, The First Hellrider: Overpopulation, The Second Hellrider: Earth Trauma, The Third Hellrider: The Lemming Syndrome, The Fourth Hellrider: The Third World’s War, And the Horse They All Ride: A Nightmare Unconscious, Part Three: Tomorrow of Blessings, Is There a Bridge to Utopia? Death of the Past, Spiritual Rebellion, “Within,” Epilogue: Ever Now, Appendix: The Seer’s Encyclopedia, Index

Millennium Prophecies – Mark Thurston 1999

Amazon Synopsis: Mark Thurston examines the millennium prophecies of Edgar Cayce, as well as Cayce's link to the projections of Nostradamus--predictions which still have relevance today. 


My Life and Prophecies – Jeane Dixon co-authored with Rene Noorbergen 1971

Nostradamus 2003-2025: A History of the Future - Peter Lorie 2002

Amazon Synopsis: Who wouldn't want to know the answer to the question: "WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?" 

For hundreds of years, philosophers, scientists, and mystics have studied the enigmatic writings of the great prognosticator Nostradamus for clues as to what our future holds. Drawing upon recent investigations undertaken by government agencies, major corporations, and noted works by world-renowned researchers, this book contains never-before revealed predictions for the years 2003-2025 -- including a haunting reference to the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers in one of Nostradamus's most famous quatrains. Arranged in chronological year-by-year order of events, predictions range from the future of science and technology, to drastic changes in climate, population explosions, political upheaval, and social and cultural milestones for humanity. For all those who wish to know the foretold destiny of our world in the next quarter century, this is a must-have guide for the future. 

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies - John Hogue 1997

Amazon Synopsis: THE DEFINITIVE AND EXPERT GUIDE TO THE REVELATIONS OF NOSTRADAMUS -- THE FINAL VOLUME IN THE NOSTRADAMUS TRILOGY. The predictions of the prophet Nostradamus have fascinated and baffled the world as one after another has come true. As the millennium approaches, interest and speculation about what the future holds have never been stronger. An expert in the study of Nostradamus, John Hogue offers the most comprehensive examination of the complete prophecies ever written.

The result of twenty years of research, among its treasures are a wealth of background information about the prophet, a chronological list of the prophecies and the first complete examination of quantum future prophecies. This exciting and compelling work is destined to become the standard work on Nostradamus. 

Nostradamus' Prophecies - Michel Nostradamus

Synopsis: His complete prophecies, all his Century Quatrains.    Free PDF

Patterns in Prophecy – Alan Vaughan 1973


Phoenix Rising: No-Eye’s Vision of Things to Come – Mary Summer Rain 1987

Hampton Roads Synopsis: Phoenix Rising uses the analogy of the phoenix, the mythical bird that symbolizes rebirth and eternal life, to provide a powerful warning of the earth changes in store for us. This unforgettable prophecy has already begun to come true, as the daily newspaper and TV news broadcasts demonstrate.


Prophecies: Visions of the world's fate : truths, possibilities, or fallacies? - Hans Holzer 1995

Google Synopsis: An invaluable resource for anyone who wonders what the future holds for our world.

Prophecy in Islam - F Rahman 2007

Amazon Synopsis: Originally published in 1958. This volume brings into focus an area of Islamic religio-philosophical thought to which relatively little attention has been paid by modern scholars of Muslim thought. The importance of the subject lies in the fact that it constitutes a central point at the confrontation of the traditional Islamic and Hellenic thought currents. 

Prophecy in Our Time - Martin Ebon 1971 


Prophecy: What the Future Holds for You – Sylvia Browne 2005

Amazon Synopsis: In Prophecy, Sylvia Browne turns her psychic wisdom to the puzzling, often contradictory predictions proposed by major historical and contemporary figures, ranging from biblical prophets and Nostradamus to George Washington and NASA scientists. 

Examining the most famous-and notorious-prophetic voices throughout the ages, Browne offers a clear and fascinating vision of the world as it will be from five years into the future to five hundred, with a startling and revealing look into the future of our nation and our world-and a beacon of hope in these uncertain times."I've personally witnessed Sylvia Browne bring closure to distraught families, help the police close cases, and open people's hearts to help them see the good within.

Pyramid Prophesies – Max Toth 1990

Amazon Synopsis: A journey through time as the pyramids of the ancient world reveal their secrets. Max Toth draws on his considerable knowledge, research, and insight as he explores prophetic messages that have been concealed for centuries within the Great Pyramid at Giza.Described by some observers as a "Bible in stone," the Great Pyramid seems to contain in cryptic codes a panorama of dates and events that correspond to significant or cataclysmic events in the history of humankind.  Comparing these prophecies with those on Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus, Toth shows how information coded in the pyramids may have predicted the World Wars and foretold Christ's messianic mission twenty-two centuries before his birth. 

Details of pyramid construction are examined in light of their purpose and meaning on many levels, from initiatory temples to repositories of hidden knowledge.  Pyramid Prophecies details the striking similarities among pyramids built by different cultures around the world, providing a link between widely separated civilizations.  Toth also includes an extraordinary first-person account by Dr. Ray Brown of his discovery of the pyramid crystal in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

The Prophesies of Nostradamus –Erika Cheetham 1973

A Quick Reference Guide to End Times Prophecy - Paul N. Benware 2013

Synopsis: A new millennium will arrive soon, and some wonder if the end is near. The end is coming, though no one can predict when Jesus Christ will return to earth. Jesus Himself said that. But we don't need to be ignorant of end-times things; the Bible describes final end-times events in detail, including Christ's return, judgments against a wayward world, the resurrection of all people, and the rule of a messianic king. For Christians, understanding Bible prophecy gives hope and purpose. And for unbelievers, it shows than an omnipotent God has a wise plan for planet earth - a plan that involves justice and judgment. This handy pamphlet, perfectly sized to slide into your Bible or notebook, examines the Scriptures to show God's plan for a new heaven and earth. Learn how everyone has the opportunity to be part of the future kingdom of God. Understand Bible prophecy and see how tomorrow can have a profound influence on the quality of your life today.

Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation - Elaine Pagels 2012

Amazon Synopsis: A startling exploration of the history of the most controversial book of the Bible, by the bestselling author of Beyond Belief.

Through the bestselling books of Elaine Pagels, thousands of readers have come to know and treasure the suppressed biblical texts known as the Gnostic Gospels. As one of the world's foremost religion scholars, she has been a pioneer in interpreting these books and illuminating their place in the early history of Christianity. Her new book, however, tackles a text that is firmly, dramatically within the New Testament canon: The Book of Revelation, the surreal apocalyptic vision of the end of the world . . . or is it?

In this startling and timely book, Pagels returns The Book of Revelation to its historical origin, written as its author John of Patmos took aim at the Roman Empire after what is now known as "the Jewish War," in 66 CE. Militant Jews in Jerusalem, fired with religious fervor, waged an all-out war against Rome's occupation of Judea and their defeat resulted in the desecration of Jerusalem and its Great Temple. Pagels persuasively interprets Revelation as a scathing attack on the decadence of Rome. Soon after, however, a new sect known as "Christians" seized on John's text as a weapon against heresy and infidels of all kinds-Jews, even Christians who dissented from their increasingly rigid doctrines and hierarchies.

In a time when global religious violence surges, Revelations explores how often those in power throughout history have sought to force "God's enemies" to submit or be killed. It is sure to appeal to Pagels's committed readers and bring her a whole new audience who want to understand the roots of dissent, violence, and division in the world's religions, and to appreciate the lasting appeal of this extraordinary text.

St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes - John Volz 2013

Synopsis: St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes examines the one-hundred and twelve Popes Saint Malachy has predicted would become pontiff, and the author has hypothesized who may be the next/last Pope, Peter the Roman. There are three possibilities as he sees it and they are described at the end, with reasons why they may or may not be chosen. The book contains over one hundred images.

Vials of the Seven Last Plagues: Prophecies for the 1980's by the Seven Archangels - Elizabeth Clare Prophet 2004

Amazon Synopsis: Chapter 15 of the Book of Revelation begins with a vision of seven angels who pour their vials over the earth--the vials of the seven last plagues. As these vials are poured out, the Apostle John describes rivers and seas turned to blood, thunders and lightnings, a great earthquake, and darkness. What does this prophecy mean for us today? Here is the real story of what is happening on planet earth--and what will happen--from the point of view of the seven archangels. Read their words and learn how you can navigate through these challenging times.   Free PDF

Visions of Glory: One Man's Astonishing Account of the Last Days - John Pontius 2012

Amazon Synopsis: In this true account of near-death experiences, we learn about the miracles of the millennium, the return of the Ten Tribes, the building of the New Jerusalem and temple, and many other astonishing events long prophesied in scripture but never before described in such vivid detail. Visions of Glory is a mesmerizing and fascinating read that you will not be able to put down.

The Visitation: An Archangel’s Prophecy – Mary Summer Rain 1997

Synopsis: Mary Summer Rain, while in meditation, is visited by an Archangel who gives her a message for humankind. It outlines a simple plan, “the Way,“ that anyone can follow spiritually, to add positively to the collective consciousness (to help bring light to the world and turn us in the right direction, toward God).

The message is, we must change or we will be our own destruction.  It suggests that individual choice and action is what will make the difference. There are also insights into what we can expect to be revealed in the future.

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