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Creating Affluence: The A-to-Z Steps to a Richer Life – Deepak Chopra 1998

Amazon Synopsis: In this remarkable book lies the secret to creating affluence. Here you will discover that you are the dancer and the dance, the creator and the creation, and unlimited wealth is yours merely for the asking. With clear and simple wisdom, Deepak Chopra explores the full meaning of wealth consciousness and presents a step-by-step plan for creating affluence and fulfillment on all levels of our lives.

According to the author, affluence is our natural state, and the entire physical universe with all its abundance is the offspring of an unbounded, limitless field of all possibilities. Through a series of simple steps and everyday actions, Creating Affluence gently fosters the wealth consciousness needed to tap into this field and create anything you desire.


Everyday Wisdom for Success – Wayne Dyer 2006

Amazon Synopsis: In this wonderful little book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer brings you a wealth of information that will inspire you to achieve success in all areas: personal, professional, and spiritual. By applying these positive thoughts to your daily life, you’ll find that you will not only see improvements in yourself, but you will also serve as an inspiration to those around you.   

Flip to any page . . . and soak up the wisdom—every day!


Excuses Begone! – Wayne Dyer 2009

Amazon Synopsis: Within the pages of this transformational book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. Even though you may know 'what' to think, actually ' changing' those thinking habits that have been with you since childhood might be somewhat challenging. 'If I changed, it would create family dramas . . . I'm too old or too young . . . I'm far too busy and tired . . . I can't afford the things I truly want . . . It would be very difficult for me to do things differently . . .' and ' I've always been this way . . .' may all seem to be true, but they're in fact just excuses.

So the business of modifying habituated thinking patterns really comes down to tossing out the same tired old excuses and examining your beliefs in a new and truthful light. In this groundbreaking work, Wayne presents a compendium of conscious and subconscious crutches employed by virtually everyone, along with ways to cast them aside once and for all. You'll learn to apply specific questions to any excuse, and then proceed through the steps of a new '' paradigm. The old, habituated ways of thinking will melt away as you experience the absurdity of hanging on to them. You'll ultimately realize that there are no excuses worth defending, ever, even if they've always been part of your life - and the joy of releasing them will resonate throughout your very being. When you eliminate the need to explain your shortcomings or failures, you'll awaken to the life of your dreams. 'Excuses . . . Begone!'


Laws of Prosperity: 92 Tips For Using Simple Abundance Techniques For Wealth Creation - Gary Vurnum 2010

Amazon Synopsis: Laws Of Prosperity: 92 Tips For Using Simple Abundance Techniques For Wealth Creation is a simple and easy-to-apply book in which you will discover ninety-two tips you can immediately use to apply simple abundance techniques for wealth creation in the shortest time possible.

  • Tip #2 : While affirmations work for many things they don't often work very well for manifesting money and that is because of the ______ __________ ______ that most people have about it.
  • Tip #5 : Everyone successful in manifesting great wealth lives by “__ ____ ___ ____ ____ _____ ____ ______.”
  • Tip #23 : One of the laws of manifestation is that we must __ before we can __, and __ before we can ____.
  • Tip #28 : When what you _____ and what you ________ are the same, the Universe will manifest it immediately!
  • Tip #54 : When you feel _______, you emit more positive vibrations, and attract the things you want more quickly and easily!
  • Tip #77 : The more you ____ _________ the more you activate the law of attraction to further push it away from you.
  • Tip #82 : If you do something not in alignment with ____ ____ ______, you will slow the process of receiving your desires.


The Power – Rhonda Byrne

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams – Deepak Chopra 1994

Amazon Synopsis: The creation of wealth has always been regarded as a process that requires hard work and luck--often at the expense of others. In this remarkable book, the author of Quantum Healing and other bestsellers reveals how to align with the subtle yet powerful, unseen forces that affect the flow of money in our lives.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes: Harnessing Our Power to Change the World – Deepak Chopra with Gotham Chopra 2011

 Deepak has taken his seven spiritual laws and applied them for the part of the population that is in love with superheroes from comics and the silver screen. He also includes religious comics. This is a new way of relating to, and bringing out the Higher Self in all of us. I was amazed how it touched my own memories of childhood heroes.

Contents:  Introduction, The Law of Balance, The Law of Transformation, The Law of Power, The Law of Love, The Law of Creativity, The Law of Intention, The Law of Transcendence, Activating the Superhero Brain, Superhero Reading List.


The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking your Potential for Greatness – Deepak Chopra 2010

Amazon Synopsis: Leadership is the most crucial choice one can make—it is the decision to step out of darkness into the light.

Bestselling author and spiritual guide Deepak Chopra invites you to become the kind of leader most needed today: a leader with vision who can make that vision real. Chopra has been teaching leadership to CEOs and other top executives for eight years, and the path outlined in The Soul of Leadership applies to any business, but the same principles are relevant in every community and area of life, from family and home to school, place of worship, and neighborhood. “At the deepest level,” Chopra writes, “a leader is the symbolic soul of a group.”

With clear, practical steps, you are led through the crucial skills outlined in the acronym L-E-A-D-E-R-S:

L = Look and Listen

E = Emotional Bonding

A = Awareness

D = Doing

E = Empowerment

R = Responsibility

S = Synchronicity

After identifying your own soul profile and the core values you want to develop, you can use these seven skills to allow your potential for greatness to emerge. Only from the level of the soul, Chopra contends, are great leaders created. Once that connection is made, you have unlimited access to the most vital qualities a leader can possess: creativity, intelligence, organizing power, and love.


The Spirit of Success: Consciousness and the Economy Audiobook – Marianne Williamson & Deepak Chopra 2010

Amazon Description:  New York Times bestselling authors Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra team up in this live recording of The Spirit of Success seminar!

In this powerful and unique program recorded live in front of a sold-out audience, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Deepak Chopra will take you through an in-depth understanding of consciousness as a field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, infinite energy and infinite abundance. Marianne will first teach you how to tap into the Law of Divine Compensation – the power of love to compensate for any limitations in the material world. Through devotion, prayer, meditation, forgiveness and compassion for self and others, you will activate your miraculous power to turn limited probabilities into unlimited possibilities. Then, using a combination of techniques involving silent brain-storming, mind-mapping, and finding creative opportunities in perceived problems, Deepak will take you through an updated experience of the spiritual laws that create success in all its forms.


10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace – Wayne Dyer 2002

Amazon Synopsis: Dr. Wayne Dyer's 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace reveals some basic principles for changing one's outlook on life. Among his recommendations, Dyer suggests having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing, treating yourself as if you already are what you'd like to be, and understanding that wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you. Dyer's words are complemented by pastel-colored watercolors.


The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons in Creating the Life You Want – Deepak Chopra 1995

Amazon Synopsis: The author of the acclaimed New York Times bestsellers The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and Ageless Body, Timeless Mind now presents a guide to using spiritual alchemy for awakening the magic in everyday life.

Chopra ties his explanation into Merlin the wizard from King Arthur.

Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting – Wayne Dyer 2012

Amazon Synopsis:    This book is dedicated to your mastery of the art of realizing all your desires. The greatest gift you have been given is the gift of your imagination. Everything that now exists was once imagined. And everything that will ever exist must first be imagined.

Wishes Fulfilled  is designed to take you on a voyage of discovery, wherein you can begin to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that you possess within you and create a life in which all that you imagine for yourself becomes a present fact.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores, for the first time, the region of your highest self; and definitively shows you how you can truly change your concept of yourself, embark upon a God-realized way of living, and fulfill the spiritual truth that with God all things are possible—and “all things” means that nothing is left out.

By practicing the specific technique for retraining your subconscious mind, you are encouraged to not only place into your imagination what you would like to manifest for yourself, but you are given the specifics for realigning your life so you can live out your highest calling and stay connected to your Source of being. From the lofty perspective of your highest self, you will learn how to train your imagination in a new way.

Your wishes—all of them—can indeed be fulfilled. By using your imagination and practicing the art of assuming the feeling of your wishes being fulfilled, and steadfastly refusing to allow any evidence of the outer world to distract you from your intentions, you will discover that you, by virtue of your spiritual awareness, possess the ability to become the person you were destined to be.

This book will help you See—with a capital S—that you are divine, and that you already possess an inner, invisible higher self that can and will guide you toward a mastery of the art of manifestation. You can attain this mastery through deliberate conscious control of your imagination! 


You’ll See It When You Believe It - Dr. Wayne Dyer 2001

Amazon Synopsis:    Live the life you've always wanted.

Wayne W. Dyer takes us to new plateaus of self-awareness with You'll See It When You Believe It. He shows that you can direct the course of your own destiny by tapping the truly amazing power that lies within you.

You'll See It When You Believe It demonstrates that through belief you can:

  • make your most impossible dreams come true.
  • turn obstacles into opportunities.
  • rid yourself of guilt and inner turmoil.
  • spend every day doing the things you love to do.

A new life is waiting for you.

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